Coca-Cola Consolidated is the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the United States with 12 manufacturing facilities across the country, some of which are recently-acquired sites. The company additionally maintains more than 70 distribution centers as part of its operations.

For environmental compliance, the company’s Environmental Affairs group oversees activities at multiple sites to ensure compliance with company standards as well as regulations including EPCRA. Among their tasks, the group prepares and submits all required Tier II compliance reports, conducts environmental assessments, and tracks environmental metrics to drive efficiency and meet company-wide sustainability goals.

For years, to manage tasks for compliance and reporting efforts across sites, the group used a compliance calendar built in-house, in Excel. 

Excel is not an environmental compliance calendar

As Brandi Collignon, Manager, Environmental Affairs, put it, using a spreadsheet as a compliance calendar was a collective roadblock. Their Excel-based calendar was difficult to manage, and linking it to the team’s Outlook email/calendar wasn’t doable. 

Worse, the calendar wasn’t adequately shared at the site-level for Coca-Cola Consolidated’s newly-acquired facilities, meaning updates and edits couldn’t be fully distributed in real time. When updates were made, having to review and share them manually was time-consuming. 

Collaboration across sites was therefore insufficient, and many of the company’s newly acquired facilities missed their compliance reporting dates because of it.

A critical need

For Coca-Cola Consolidated, an environmental compliance calendar that put all relevant team members on the same page at the same time wasn’t just a need. For two key compliance objectives, it was a critical need to:

A fully connected team, in full view

Working with the Encamp Customer Success team, Coca-Cola Consolidated implemented Encamp’s Compliance Calendar for all of its facilities in just seven days. As an intelligent environmental compliance calendar, the Encamp solution provides a task library, including pre-built templates, that does the real work. 

The Environmental Affairs group at Coca-Cola Consolidated now schedules required compliance and reporting activities at every facility. They assign specific tasks to specific team members. Then in real time and with a 360° view, they track progress and due dates throughout the process of preparing and submitting final compliance reports.

And they do all this for approximately 390 unique tasks within their compliance program. 

At each facility and at all times, every team member now knows their responsibilities and who’s completing what activity. There’s no inadvertent redundant work, and no task goes overlooked.

“Encamp has been an amazing support system in creating a uniform, compliance calendar for each of our unique facilities.”
– Brandi Collignon 

“We have more confidence that we’re meeting all regulatory and company requirements now that our tasks are organized into one system. Encamp has provided a service to grow with our company and its ever evolving needs.”

Read the full Coca-Cola Consolidated case study.

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