RCRA Hazardous Waste Compliance Solution

Supercharge your EHS team with the best of both worlds: industry experts who have been in your shoes, backed by turnkey technology that scales.

Track waste, integrate vendors, document waste streams, manage change and submit last-mile reports — all in one place.

Getting a highly transparent and visible view of your hazardous waste program, from cradle to grave, is now possible with Encamp. Only Encamp brings together your entire team, facilities, waste vendors and data into a single pane view so you can break down silos and reclaim control of your environmental compliance program


Mitigate and Manage Risk

• Stay in compliance with year-round gap analysis and data validation
• Prioritize facilities and regions for improvement
• Uncover gaps between government databases and your system of record
• You own your data: transparent import and export as needed

Your Waste Program, at Your Fingertips

• Integrate with waste vendor data for a single view of all facilities’ data or waste data
• Track volume of waste by facility, wastestream or vendor
• Audit all facilities and corresponding registered generator statuses
• Facility-level and roll-up reporting for a holistic view of your programs

Expert Guidance at Every Level

• Ensure employees receive expert- level training tailored to your generator status
• Give your organization’s environmental leaders a live view of all facilities and their waste data
• Work directly with highly-responsive regulatory compliance experts
• Access the most comprehensive and accurate EPCRA and RCRA compliance knowledge base

Seamless Reporting and Fee Payments

• Encamp manages all aspects of quarterly, annual, bi/triennial reporting for all 50 states
• Encamp pays all filing fees, invoices, and collects all documentation
• Simplify billing for thousands of facilities down to a single invoice
• Retain facility-level and corporate waste stream records in one place