Your State-by-State Guide to EPCRA Reporting


Keeping up with EPCRA Tier II/SARA compliance requirements for every state can be incredibly challenging — even for the most seasoned EHS manager. From monitoring thresholds that supersede federal ones, to submitting via challenging state-specific portals, regulated organizations have their work cut out for them. To ease the burden a bit, we've put together this state-by-state EPCRA reporting tool. Simply find the state you're reporting for, then head over to the specific page to learn about how the state approaches Tier II reporting.

State Online Reporting System Local Thresholds
Alabama E-Plan, Tier2Submit Software No
Alaska E-Plan Yes
Arizona AZSERC (Top Tier 2) No
Arkansas Tier2Submit Software No
California CERS Yes
Colorado Tier2Submit Software, Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) No
Connecticut Tier II Manager™ No
Delaware Tier II Manager™ Yes
Florida E-Plan No
Georgia E-Plan No
Hawaii Tier2Submit Software No
Idaho Tier2Submit Software No
Illinois Tier II Manager™ No
Indiana Tier II Manager™ No
Iowa E-Plan No
Kansas KDEM Web Reporting Portal No
Kentucky Tier II Manager™ No
Louisiana Louisiana State Police Tier II Inventory Filling Website Yes
Maine Tier2Submit Software No
Maryland Maryland Operations, Tracking, and Reporting System (MOTTRS) Yes
Massachusetts Tier II Manager™ No
Michigan Tier II Manager™ No
Minnesota Tier II Manager™ No
Mississippi E-Plan No
Missouri MERC Yes
Montana E-Plan No
Nebraska Online NDEE Tier II System No
Nevada Tier II Manager™ Yes
New Hampshire Tier2Submit Software No
New Jersey eCRTK Survey Yes
New Mexico Tier2Submit Software No
New York E-Plan Yes
North Carolina E-Plan Yes
North Dakota Tier II Manager™ No
Ohio Tier2Submit Software No
Oklahoma Tier2Submit Software, Oklahoma State Portal No
Oregon CHS Manager Yes
Pennsylvania PATTS No
Puerto Rico Tier2Submit Software No
Rhode Island Tier2Submit Software No
South Carolina E-Plan No
South Dakota South Dakota Online Tier II Reporting Website No
Tennessee E-Plan No
The U.S. Virgin Islands Tier2Submit Software No
Utah Tier2 Submit Software, Utah State Portal No
Vermont Tier2Submit Software Yes
Virginia Tier2Submit Software No
Washington SAW (Secure Access Washington), Tier Two Online No
West Virginia Tier II Manager™ No
Wisconsin Wisconsin Hazmat Online Planning and Reporting System (WHOPRS) No
Wyoming Tier2Submit Software, Aristatek No