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A new method for environmental compliance

Today’s environmental compliance teams are inundated with challenges; changing regulations, complex reporting requirements, and tracking vast amounts of data.

Encamp helps top enterprises take their compliance programs to new heights using the power of data, automation, and compliance expertise.

Trusted by Top Enterprises

Elevate Your Compliance Program

Empower your team with unmatched data visibility, actionable insights, and seamless reporting.

360° visibility

Establish data collection

Efficiently establish a single point of visibility for your environmental program data across all facilities, product inventory, contacts, and jurisdictions from safely tracking chemical thresholds to reporting.

Data tracking & management

Implement continuous monitoring

Easily build a comprehensive library of your environmental program data, by utilizing Encamp to collect and aggregate facility-level and historical reporting data.

Automated reporting

Mitigate compliance risks

Encamp easily integrates with the reporting portals for all states and territories of the United States. Along with automating your compliance reporting process, we provide you with complete filing visibility so you can fully understand and trust the data you’re reporting.


We are currently the technology leader in enterprise compliance reporting automation in the United States, helping some of the nation’s largest companies to gain visibility and stay in compliance across 8,000+ regulated locations.

Dedicated Support

With Encamp, you’re not just getting a powerful data platform, but also dedicated hands-on guidance and support from our team of environmental scientists, former regulators, and EHS consultants.

Safe & Secure

Encamp is Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 2 certified for Security. Our application follows the best practices outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which includes encrypting all data at rest and in transit, and is built on systems hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the best-in-class cloud infrastructure provider. For additional details on how Encamp protects your data, please visit our Security Statement page.


Encamp’s dedication to simplifying compliance also drives our giving. For every report filed through our system, we plant a tree. Thanks to our customers, more than 18,000 saplings are now taking root across America on behalf of Encamp customers, helping to sequester carbon and support reforestation.

High-Tech Solutions

Technology to empower

The first step to compliance is understanding and organizing data across every facility. To help you achieve a 360° view of every facility’s environmental compliance status, we use our technology and expertise to build a solid data foundation.

Once your data accuracy and collection is improved and streamlined, we can help you minimize the threat of non-compliance and save costs by minimize risks such as fines, operational interruptions, and bad press associated with errors in reporting.

Align Your Compliance Programs

Facility Foundations

Establish your digital source of truth and achieve a 360° view of every facility’s environmental compliance status.

EPCRA Compliance

Gain visibility into your EPCRA data and automate compliance reporting to all US states and territories.

RCRA Compliance

Transform and streamline your waste management compliance through centralized data and automated filing.

High-Touch Support

Experts to Guide

Encamp was created by environmental professionals for environmental professionals — those who have walked in your shoes and understand the complexities encountered in environmental compliance.

From past environmental consultants, EHS managers, and government agency experts, we have decades of combined compliance experience in-house and a commitment to help our customers save time, money, and resources.

How Data Drives Continuous Environmental Compliance

Read how trustworthy data is central to an organization’s environmental compliance success.

EPCRA Master Class

Learn how to create a best-in-class EPCRA compliance program from one of Encamp’s experts and former regulator, Madison Roe-Martin.

The 5 Steps to Environmental Digital Transformation

Hear from Encamp’s CEO and Co-Founder, Luke Jacobs, on how enterprises can invest in tomorrow, today.

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