Encamp Intelligence Platform

The most advanced environmental platform, the Encamp Intelligence Platform, is the foundation for collecting and consolidating your data.
It gives you a regulator’s eye view of your facility data and can help you track, manage, and report on all the states you are in, regardless of complexity.

Facility Environmental Graph

Encamp’s Facility Environmental Graph is your single source of truth for EHS data. From managing facility-level contacts and completing last-mile reporting, to auditing regulatory datasets in simple and modern interfaces, Encamp gives you the most accurate and transparent view of your environmental compliance program.


EPCRA + RCRA Reporting Insights

  • Audit governmental datasets to identify inaccuracies before they impact the organization
  • Query ECHO and RCRAInfo quickly and easily
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement

Document Repository

  • Maintain critical facility data in one place including: permit dates, LEPC contacts, EPA IDs and up-to-date Generator Statuses
  • Keep current internal organizational and facility-level contacts, and regulatory contact, easily updating them when necessary
  • Store important documentation pursuant to your organization’s records retention policy, ensuring audit readiness
  • Automated repository for files associated with tasks managed within Encamp

Document AI

  • Digitize SDSs more quickly and accurately than ever before by leveraging cutting edge AI technology
  • Convert existing data into formats required by regulators
  • Go paperless: turn binders of organizational documentation into structured and searchable data

Automated Fee Payments and Mailings

  • Simplify billing for thousands of facilities down to a single invoice
  • Encamp pays all filing fees, invoices, and collects all documentation
  • Easily assign fees and payments to cost centers for financial planning and analysis