Hazardous Chemical Compliance for Energy (Electricity, Oil & Gas, Utilities)

With Encamp’s high-tech solution and high-touch expert support, EHS professionals in the energy sector can gain visibility into their chemical data and automate reporting to various regulatory bodies in all US states and territories.

Find out why Encamp is the compliance solution you’ve been looking for.

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There’s a Better Way for Energy Companies to Manage Hazardous Chemical Compliance

Centralize, standardize, streamline and automate 302 and 311 notifications and Tier II reporting with Encamp.

With the automation and support Encamp provides, you can:

  • Gain visibility and central control over all of your chemical data
  • Increase your confidence in hazardous chemical reporting with automated threshold limit triggers
  • Save time and costs by improving reporting accuracy with standardized chemical information
Life with Encamp

“Before Encamp it was a bunch of different spreadsheets, with different logins, and different instructions by state in terms of what they require. Once you standardize (to Encamp), all of that kind of streamlines and then you have a repeatable solution that you can use every year.”

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Denton Bruce

Senior Director of EHS

Bunzl Distribution

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Easily track facility chemical inventory levels.

Encamp provides a one-stop-shop for tracking your company’s chemical data and inventories of diesel fuel, sulfuric acid, ammonia, benzene, etc. at your site or any other facility within your company. Our tools and experts help to ensure your data is accurate and up-to-date, which will help you avoid compliance issues.

Ensure You’re in Compliance

Update facility level chemical inventories and quickly identify chemicals that have exceeded a state or federal threshold limit.

Encamp helps you understand the differences between state reporting requirements and federal EPCRA regulations, and stay up-to-date with the constantly changing regulations and thresholds. Our powerful software helps you understand when your refinery, terminal, power plant, or natural gas plant has triggered a reporting limit and has helped many companies to avoid over-reporting when not required.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize and standardize your company’s chemical product library to ensure toxic and hazardous chemical compliance.

Many energy companies face consistency issues across different sites. Each plant tends to document chemicals a little differently. This may include variations in the units of measurement, naming conventions, or the chemicals that are tracked or reported.

Encamp solves this problem by centralizing your chemical data to ensure consistent information is being used across all locations. It also standardizes your data for you, making the chemical inventory tracking process more efficient.