Encamp Task Management

Centralize your facility management tasks for internal audits, external inspections, reporting and more.

End-to-End Task Management

Encamp Tasks is designed to help organizations quickly and easily manage environmental, health, and safety obligations crucial for maintaining a compliant facility. By centralizing task management, you can ensure no compliance obligation slips through the cracks, paving the way for a robust, forward-looking and modern program.

Simple and Intuitive Overviews

  • Understand regional priorities with a simple overview that lists upcoming tasks across all facilities
  • Monitor workload and progress toward strategic goals by seeing the number of tasks overdue, due in the next 30 days and annually
  • Identify and address overdue tasks, which appear in red

Gain Visibility and Insight

  • Click a task to see its assignee, when it was created and whether it repeats
  • Sort and filter by specific facilities or the states in which they operate, task start and end dates or assignees
  • Edit on-the-go from any phone, table, or computer with a web browser

Manage Programs Your Way

  • Add subtasks for especially complex multi-step processes, or those that require an audit trail
  • Set tasks to repeat weekly, monthly, or annually to ensure ongoing obligations are met
  • Automate email-based reminders to avoid last-minute scrambling
  • Associate tasks to a specific facility, program area and attach links or relevant documents