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Encamp is a diverse team of trailblazers, nature lovers, and technology enthusiasts, committed to making a difference. We invite you to join us.

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A Culture that Inspires Happy Encampers

Our culture is the spark that lights the Encamp fire. It promotes ownership, action, and impact, and inspires growth both individually and as a company. Within this environment, Encampers work hard, laugh harder, brainstorm nonstop, and constantly envision better ways to tackle environmental compliance — all the reasons why our customers love us.

Download our Culture Handbook to get a snapshot of the values, principles and social responsibility that keep Encampers grounded and content. And if you’re truly inspired, apply for one of our open positions.

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Our Core Values

Encamp’s expertise extends across the entire organization, from environmental specialists with a passion for compliance, to experienced developers dedicated to simplifying regulatory workflows. Together, we’re building the future of environmental compliance.

We Think Big

We’re working to completely solve the problem of environmental compliance for every regulated facility in the United States. We constantly ask ourselves the questions “why this?” and “what if?” to make sure we stay focused on the goal. At Encamp, we make sure we have built for scale and set ourselves up for future success.

We Seek Truth, Not Comfort

The truth is neither good nor bad, but we can choose to respond to it in better or worse ways. If we stay silent when a colleague is making a mistake, we rob them of the chance to get better. If we make a bad decision, we all lose, even if our individual opinion won out. Updating our beliefs when we find new evidence gives us the chance to adapt.

We Share Early & Often

We believe that none of us is as smart as all of us. When we keep our work private until it’s “perfect,” we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to receive feedback from others and iterate quickly. By sharing work early and often, we shorten feedback loops and refine ideas faster.

We Are Customer Obsessed

We are obsessed with helping our customers succeed. Everything we do is oriented towards making our customers reach a level of ease and effectiveness they did not think was possible. By staying focused on the customer, we ensure our breakthroughs have purpose and our client interactions are always joyful.

We Bring Our Own Educations

We are a meritocracy of ideas, not status. Being VP of X at a previous job doesn’t give you authority — having a deep understanding of X does. For each of us, our credibility is based on our track record at Encamp, not our ability to ace a college admittance application or get promoted at a different company.

We Value People Above All Else

People are at the heart of all our values at Encamp. We choose to put people first no matter what, from customers, to team members, to our families. We take time off for life and to connect with one another regularly. Even when people cannot succeed at Encamp and we have to part ways, we prioritize their humanity and work to achieve beneficial outcomes.

We Are Drivers, Not Passengers

Being a driver means acting with ownership and achieving outcomes with full responsibility. Drivers achieve with passion, resourcefulness, and collaboration. Drivers are empowered to succeed, grow, and thrive.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Encamp, we believe we are better together — all of us, whatever our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. We strive to create an environment that encourages and celebrates diverse voices, backgrounds, and experiences. A cornerstone of our culture is the ability for Encampers to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day. Encamp is also committed to unbiased hiring practices and achieving minority representation above community averages.

Women of EHS

Learn more about our initiative to give women in EHS a platform to share their stories, successes, and career advice.

Women of EHS

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Perks of Being a Happy Encamper

Encamp’s expertise extends across the entire organization, from environmental specialists with a passion for compliance, to experienced developers dedicated to simplifying regulatory workflows. Together, we’re building the future of environmental compliance.

Work Where You Want

Encamp is a “distributed first” team totally dialed into the world of remote work. Our roots are in Indianapolis, but Encampers log in from home offices across the country.

Competitive Compensation

When passion and purpose drive your work, money isn’t everything but it does help. You can count on a competitive salary based on the 75th percentile of Tier II cities (think Chicago, Atlanta, Indy, etc.) and 401(k) matching contributions.

Work-Life Balance

We encourage a healthy balance between professional and personal life. There’s unlimited PTO to unplug and recharge, and paid parental leave to spend time with baby Encampers.

You’re Covered

Choose from multiple health insurance plan options that meet the needs of you and your family nationwide. We also offer dental, vision, life, and disability insurance.


We provide a stipend on each paycheck that you can use however you want — and we encourage you to use it toward anything that supports your wellness needs.

Work-From-Home Success

You’ll be able to select from cutting-edge laptops to accessories that will empower you to work from home successfully. We provide a Distributed Work stipend to new Encampers to help set up their space.

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