The Encamp journey began on the rocky red trails of the Grand Canyon.

It started on a camping trip.

Co-founders Luke and Sam Jacobs took a backpacking trip to the Havasupai waterfalls, a desert oasis where water spills over travertine cliffs into aqua-blue pools. As they hiked, the brothers talked about their passion for nature, the importance of sustainability, and ways to improve the work of environmental compliance professionals.

By the time Luke and Sam climbed out of the canyon and loaded their dusty gear into a pickup, Encamp was born.

What sparked the founding of Encamp?

Our conviction that EHS professionals should devote their time to EHS performance, not paperwork — and the knowledge that existing tools are not up to the job.

Most Encampers have been in your shoes (or hiking boots!). We‘re former EHS managers, consultants, and environmental scientists. We know firsthand the challenge of tracking compliance in countless spreadsheets. The hours lost hunting for forms on government websites. The tedium of copy-and-paste reporting.

All the administrative tasks that take time away from the real work of environmental compliance and stewardship.

That’s where Encamp comes in.

We’re blazing a new trail by using modern technologies to automate and streamline environmental compliance, from end to end. Our premier solutions bring together everything needed to understand, manage, and meet the environmental compliance requirements that apply to your business. Facility data, forms, due dates, status, and more, all in one place.

Environmental compliance has never been faster, easier, or more accurate. For EHS professionals, that means more time and less stress. The proof: Encamp customers report saving 30 to 40 hours on Tier II reporting alone.

What’s good for EHS professionals can also be good for the environment.

Encamp frees EHS managers to put their energy into activities that really move the needle, like a new training program or sustainability initiative. This makes for safer workplaces and communities, and allows businesses to be better stewards of the environment.

Encamp’s dedication to doing good for the environment also drives our corporate giving. For every EPCRA Tier II report filed through our software, we make a donation to the non-profit One Tree Planted. More than 8k+ saplings (and counting!) are now taking root across America on behalf of Encamp customers. We call it planting a forest one report at a time.

Encamp’s True North is empowering EHS professionals to focus on the business of environmental compliance.

We are gratified by the many EHS teams that have joined us on our journey. Encamp already is the largest third-party filer of EPCRA Tier II reports in the country, with over 200 organizations relying on our software and services.

But there’s still more to do. We continue to simplify environmental compliance for EHS professionals, to make our platform as easy and enjoyable to use as possible, and to chart a new path forward that leads to better environmental stewardship for businesses of all types and sizes.

We invite you to lace up your hiking boots and blaze that trail with us.

Encamp is a diverse team of trailblazers, difference makers, nature lovers, and technology enthusiasts. Sound like you?

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