Security Statement

Security is at the top of the list of all things we do here at Encamp. It is the reason we are only building our solutions on the most reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing technologies while employing policies and procedures which mitigate risk.

Because Encamp is a web-based platform running on cloud infrastructure, no part of Encamp will ever be installed on your computer. It is a website that you go to just like Amazon, Facebook, or Google.

Encamp is built on systems hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the best-in-class cloud infrastructure provider. Our application follows best practices outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which includes everything from storing only salted hashes of passwords to encrypting all data at rest and in transit.

Cloud software is at least as secure, and usually more secure, than software installed on your own computer. You can’t forget to update it with the latest security patches; that happens automatically. And it supports sharing resources with your team natively within the platform, so you don’t have to use email, which is fundamentally insecure.

A physical wall is not sufficient protection in the information security space, but many applications and workflows common on a personal computer assume that it is. Cloud software is built from the ground up on the premise that because there is no physical barrier, they must derive security from more robust methods.

Our applications are built around the security best practice “Principle of Least Privilege” which means that each user and each part of our software stack is authorized to do only what it needs to in order to do the job.

If a user’s computer is infected with a virus or other malware, it has no way of crossing over to the Encamp platform, because our code is fundamentally only accessible through limited channels which validate their inputs.

Is Encamp GDPR compliant?

GDPR is an international standard adopted by the EU and Britain. Encamp doesn’t sell to or have users outside the US. That said, information security and trust are the highest priority we have for our customers. If there are questions regarding data privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.


Any questions or concerns about this Security Statement, complaints, or reporting of incidents should be addressed to:

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Encamp, Inc. 2261 Market Street #4370, San Francisco, CA 94114

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