How Bunzl standardized their reporting for 150+ locations

One System. Complete and Accurate Compliance for Multiple Distribution Facilities.

With the purpose to deliver essential business solutions around the world and create long-term sustainable value for their stakeholders, Bunzl Distribution supports businesses with a variety of products and services essential for successful business operations. The company maintains locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the UK and Ireland, with more than 150 distribution facilities in North America alone.

Their Need

For environmental compliance at their US facilities, Bunzl’s needs centered squarely on Tier II reporting and associated issues. Among them: Ensuring reporting resources. Replacing spreadsheets and manual tasks. Keeping up with constantly-changing state and local regulatory requirements. And finding a better way to navigate more than 30 state reporting systems, file Tier II reports accurately and completely — and avoid the potential penalties of non-compliance.






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Before & After Encamp

Bunzl’s Pressing EHS Issues Before Encamp

Issue #1

Facilities in multiple states

  • 150+ locations across the US, with acquisitions frequently adding more sites
  • 45 sites required to report in 30+ states in RY2021
  • Reporting requirements vary by site, chemical types, materials, quantities
Issue #2

Tier II Reporting

  • Hard to keep up with constantly-changing regulatory requirements at the state and local level, especially when working with SERCs and LEPCs.
  • Limited resources to manage compliance data and compile Tier II reports, due in part to the pandemic and resulting work-at-home models.
  • Too many spreadsheets and manual tasks — little reporting continuity among facilities.

Bunzl’s standardized, streamlined Tier II reporting solution with Encamp

After implementing Encamp for its Tier II reporting efforts, Bunzl has been able to:

  • Track and verify all new, existing and updated regulatory requirements per site using the Encamp system’s built-in verifications for state and local-level applicability — and with full-time support from Encamp’s own compliance experts.
  • Centrally collect and manage compliance data for every facility and compile and submit Tier II reports, all within their Encamp solution.
  • Replace many of their previous spreadsheets and manual tasks with a more efficient, standardized reporting process — automating much of the reporting function to minimize the EHS team resources required and free their time for other compliance priorities.
  • Manage Tier II filings to state reporting systems within their Encamp system, including managing passwords, submitting reports in the right format to the right agency, and even paying required filing fees.

“Encamp allowed us to standardize reporting and make it repeatable, which is (now) very streamlined in a resource constrained environment.”

Denton Bruce
Senior Director of Environmental Health and Safety for Bunzl Distribution, North America

A repeatable and knowledgeable Tier II process

The Encamp solution’s Tier II reporting dashboard and scheduling capabilities tell Bunzl’s EHS leaders what compliance reporting tasks are required for each location, the due date for each task and report, and even the type of media to be used for report submissions. In effect, Encamp lets the company track the status of every report activity in a repeatable year-after-year manner, and even verify certified information for reporting by individual state.

As importantly, because Encamp integrates with state and federal databases for Tier II reporting, Bunzl’s EHS leaders constantly understand the requirements in each state in which the company maintains its US distribution operations. Especially given its diverse product lineup, this better enables the company to avoid non-compliance violations.

Also by facility location, and particularly for newly-acquired sites, Bunzl can add or update corporate and facility details at any time for each site. For continuous compliance, they always know chemical inventories and thresholds at each facility, when inventories are moved, when facility contact and product details need to be updated, and so on. The Encamp system additionally pulls in any previous Tier II data as needed, when needed. All compliance reporting details — new and existing — are constantly in full view.

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