Empathy in Compliance Reporting with Madison Roe-Martin

Empathy in environmental compliance

We couldn’t let 2021 pass without adding to our “Day in the Life” blog series, where we interview one of our expert Encampers and give you a sneak peek into their life, career, and passion for environmental compliance. 

This time, meet Madison Roe-Martin, one of our Compliance Program Associates at Encamp. Prior to joining the Compliance team, she was a state SARA Title III Program Manager, which makes her one of the team’s most knowledgeable compliance gurus. But it’s her ability to empathize with customers and keep their success close to heart that makes them appreciate working with her.

Hi, Madison! What does a typical day look like for you at Encamp? 

A typical day for me consists of usually being buried in different regulatory documents and pulling out important information that we can use to help our customers better report for their facilities. This can be anything from digging through websites, State statutes or sometimes SERC meeting minutes. I then help create datasets that allow our engineers to build out our software while keeping in line with the different State requirements.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your experience in Environmental Compliance prior to Encamp?

Before joining Encamp, I worked for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security as their SARA Title III Program Manager. In short, I was the person who accepted all the Tier II reports for the State and worked as the liaison between local and federal partners. This position really allowed me to find my love for environmental compliance and the knack for wanting to make a difference.

What’s your favorite personal customer-obsessed story?

When you work for a government agency, people tend to be scared that you’re going to hit them with a massive fine or close down their company. But that was never my goal. I remember working with a small propane company, for instance, that had accidentally been reporting incorrectly. The owner was so scared I was going to close down his business, and each time I spoke with him, he was afraid to tell me things in fear of getting in more trouble. I worked with him for weeks to help get everything corrected, and the whole time he continuously thanked me for being understanding. It actually got to the point that we would connect each Tier II season to go over any issues or concerns he had. This customer really showed me that acting with a little empathy and kindness was the best way to help my facilities. After working with him, I really focused on letting all of my customers know I was on their side and ready to help.

Madison Roe-Martin“This customer really showed me that acting with a little empathy and kindness was the best way to help my facilities. After working with him, I really focused on letting all of my customers know I was on their side and ready to help.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Encamp?

I truly enjoy the community that Encamp provides. We are a completely distributed company, and still find a way to make everyone feel included and welcomed. I love working for a company where I can reach out to anyone and they all have an amazing attitude and willingness to work together. Trevor Noah, who’s host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, really said it best when he was talking about his own work. As he said, “We are all like-minded in trying to do the same thing, but we can think of 100 different ways to do it.” Encamp is made up of some of the most brilliant people I have ever met and we really are making a change.

What’s the most innovative thing you’re seeing in how EHS managers are using technology today?

I’ve noticed that EHS managers tend to be some of the busiest people you will ever meet, so the fact that they’re moving into technology spaces is really exciting for me. These systems (for compliance data and reporting management) are being created to take the pain of reporting away from the managers and allow them to focus on the most important part, which is tracking and validating their company’s chemical data.

What excites you the most about the future of Environmental Compliance?

The most exciting thing to me is that situations are really starting to change, and people are starting to become more aware of what their company is potentially releasing into the environment. Once we can get everyone in environmental compliance programs to realize that we are doing this to benefit them and their communities, I think we will really see these programs take off.

If you could give one piece of advice for anyone considering entering the field of Environmental Compliance, what would it be? 

Working in the environmental compliance field is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I get to wake up every day knowing that, even though it might be small sometimes, I’m making a difference. If you have a passion for helping the environment, working in this field is a really good way to put yourself in the middle of making it better.

We’re all about the journey, as well as the destination

The Encamp solution was created by environmental professionals for environmental professionals — those who have walked in your shoes and understand the complexities you encounter in environmental compliance. What makes Madison and the whole Encamp Compliance and Customer Success team so effective in their roles are not just their rich background in environmental science, but more importantly, their empathy to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, provide support, and go the extra mile to help customers reach their goals.

Transforming the way enterprises stay in compliance 

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. We help enterprises transform compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance through a blended method of intelligent high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support.

Angelica Castillo

Angelica is the Content Marketing Manager at Encamp. She has a love/love relationship with creative marketing, technology, and true crime shows.

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