Encamp’s Summer Camp Sizzles for 2021

“I really enjoyed getting to meet and hang-out with my co-workers. I found it really invigorating and gave me a better glimpse into what Encamp is like for others outside of my department.”

Steve Cadwallader, Engineering

With everybody working remotely, it took a year to finally get all of us Encampers together around the Encamp-fire. But that’s what we did at Summer Camp 2021, when Encamp folks from around the country trekked to our home base of Indianapolis. And yes, the Summer Camp event really was invigorating. 

(Shout out to all the Encamp volunteers who pulled the Summer Camp together! Also thanks to our friends at High Alpha Innovation for the campsite space for the day.)

The goal of Summer Camp 2021 was to spend time together face to face and welcome all the new team members who’ve come on board this year. But the bigger mission was to get everyone on the Encamp trail and excited for the future of where our platform is going.

Mission accomplished.

Summer Camp 2021 was a day to hear how our co-founders — Luke Jacobs (CEO), Sam Jacobs (Operations Manager) and Dan Smedema (Senior Software Engineer) — started the company, and to learn more about Encamp’s innovative solutions and the markets that need them.

To kick things off, Luke told the story of how Encamp was created, which did in fact start on a camping trip. As he explained, the idea was to create modern technology to replace all the manual tasks that took time away from the real work of environmental compliance and stewardship. “I started in EHS as a consultant” Luke said, “and couldn’t believe all the time it took just to prepare Tier II reports.”

The solution he envisioned would instead automate and streamline compliance and reporting from end to end to make the process faster, easier, and more accurate — which our platform has done since it launched in 2018.

“Where do we go from here?” The answer was, as far as we want. Luke outlined Encamp’s next steps to continue executing its product roadmap, launch new platform modules and functions as planned, and capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in other compliance disciplines. 

It all adds up to a promising future.

“What an experience! It was truly inspiring learning about where
we started and where we’re going. The energy was electric,
and it helped set the stage for us newcomers.”

Hallie Knudsen, Compliance-COE

After Luke kicked things off for Summer Camp 2021, the Sales and Marketing team got together to delve into Encamp’s new value framework and ideas for how to keep spreading the Encamp message. Watch for more content, campaigns and events to come.

Our COE (“Center of Excellence”) team then showed why our customers love us, and how we’ll continue to delight as new ones come into the Encamp fold. The COE team is all about customer success and support, and they’ve added several skilled professionals in those areas to make sure Encamp keeps getting positive reviews from our customers

Lastly, the Engineering team wowed everyone at Summer Camp with a few new innovations. Among them: A new digital “Forest Report” for all the trees Encamp has had planted on behalf of our customers, which tells what those trees do for the environment. A dashboard for the Sales team that overviews the regulatory programs of prospective customers, based on government data. And another dashboard to share the progress of key Engineering activities with all Encampers, plus visual workflows to better illustrate the underlying Encamp software. 

Mostly, Summer Camp 2021 was a day to experience Encamp’s culture first-hand and share the company’s vision.

Luke’s closing message for Summer Camp 2021 was to “Get excited for what’s to come! We’re gaining recognition and market share in the EHS space, and will continue to. We’re making our solutions more functional by the day. And we’re scaling our team pretty significantly, adding new Encampers from all over the country since they can work from anywhere.”

“But here’s my final takeaway to all of you,” Luke said. “Be sure to take care of yourselves… mentally, physically, and emotionally. Life is about staying balanced. It’s about exploring new places and trying new things and enjoying everything you do, not just working all the time.”     

If Encampers (old and new) didn’t quite get our company’s culture and Core Values before, they were on full display throughout Summer Camp 2021 — including recognizing the latest Core Values award winners. As Luke said, it’s up to him and Encamp’s leaders to keep our culture intact as the Encampment grows, but it’s up to all of us to sustain it and keep making Encamp the special place it is.

“It was awesome to get to meet so many of you
personally. Encamp has built such a strong culture
already and I can’t wait to help continue fostering it.”

Samantha Strube, People Team

Final thought. Top Golf was the perfect venue to wrap up Summer Camp 2021. Comradery, great food, cold drinks, tons of laughs and even lots of hugs and handshakes when everyone had to leave. But man, there were some lousy golf swings, too.

We’ll do this all again soon!

Join us!

Are you ready to join us at the next Encamp event? We’re still growing, and we welcome new folks who share our passion for the environment and believe in Encamp’s mission to reimagine how environmental compliance works. 

Visit our careers page to see the positions we have open. And while you’re there, download and browse our Culture Handbook to learn what Encamp is really all about.

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Tom Bailey

Tom is the Senior Content Writer at Encamp. And like all other Encampers, he’s in tune with the environment and what happens to it. He’s been writing about creative technology solutions for longer than he cares to admit.

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