Woman of Environmental Health & Safety: Julie Mouton

‍Julie Mouton is a dedicated environmental engineer and sustainability practitioner with more than 15 years of experience. So when she agreed to join Encamp’s Women of EHS initiative and discuss her career in an interview, we didn’t hesitate.

More on Julie’s EHS career and its aspects: At Antea Group, she currently supports clients in the food & beverage, technology, oil & gas, retail, and mining industries. She specializes in water stewardship, corporate ESG strategy, operational risk assessment, environmental liability management, and environmental compliance. And outside of work, she enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, water and snow skiing.

But that’s not to say her career hasn’t come without hurdles.

How have you gotten to where you want to be on your EHS career path? “I listened to my inner voice and intuition, and just kept going on the path I knew was right for me.”

Julie has more to say about her rise in the EHS ranks. Watch her video to hear how she’s done it.

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