Encamp Launches the Industry’s First End-to-End Waste Reporting Solution

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INDIANAPOLIS — January 30, 2023 — Encamp, an award-winning environmental compliance data management and reporting company, today announced the addition of the first Waste Compliance product tailored to meet requirements laid out in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and state-level regulations to its index of solutions. The new Waste Compliance solution functions as a single source of truth for hazardous waste data across waste vendors and facilities, saving environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals’ time and giving them greater control and visibility over management and compliance reporting.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), large-quantity generators reported more than 34.9 million tons of hazardous waste in 2019. Even for facilities that generate small amounts of hazardous waste, maintaining the data to report on hazardous waste while adhering to federal and state guidelines is no easy feat for EHS professionals. Encamp’s Waste Compliance solution ingests waste generation and disposal data from facilities and waste vendors into its compliance engine for reconciliation and threshold analysis, making management and reporting more manageable while providing actionable insights to EHS professionals. As part of the solution, our compliance experts stand alongside EHS professionals at every step to help navigate individual requirements and reach organizational goals.

“Hazardous waste compliance requirements laid out in RCRA and by state agencies are not to be taken lightly, and the penalties reflect this,” said Luke Jacobs, CEO and Co-Founder of Encamp. “Encamp’s platform and compliance experts work together to ensure mission critical compliance requirements are continually met by EHS teams at the world’s most dynamic companies —   ensuring tasks are completed on time and providing robust datasets at their fingertips.”

Key differentiators and benefits of the Waste Compliance Product include: 

  • Waste vendor data ingestion
  • Facility-level waste generation tracking
  • Continual generator status tracking
  • Seamless compliance filing and submission to federal and state regulators
  • Single source of hazardous waste data
  • RCRA compliance experts

“In a cluttered world of data, Encamp helps connect EHS managers to the places hazardous waste data is stored,” said Jackie Velazquez, Director of Environmental Compliance at Encamp. “The solution shows everything from individual waste streams to facility-level data and prompts teams to take the correct actions like managing manifests, submitting notifications and more.” 

The Waste Compliance Product also provides an array of features and capabilities to overcome common customer pain points, including:

    • Data Pipeline with Waste Vendors: Encamp connects with customers’ hazardous waste vendors to automatically ingest collection and manifest data.
    • Track Generator Status: The solution automatically tracks generator status based on data received and uploaded into Encamp’s platform.
    • Hazardous Waste Dashboard: EHS teams can see all hazardous waste data and monitor generator status trends, waste types and management methods. 
    • Filing and notifications: Encamp’s powerful software automates filing in all state portals and the required mailings, as well as fee payments.

This addition to the Encamp platform supports the company’s goals of creating solutions that replace outdated, manual EHS processes and strengthen compliance teams. This digital transformation, in turn, gives environmental professionals the vital data they need to help them keep up to date with their compliance regulations and minimize their business’s impact on the environment. 

Hear from regulatory compliance experts on the importance of maintaining hazardous waste records, how to track generator status updates, what records you need to keep, and for how long and receive a demo of the industry’s first automated reporting system at Encamp’s upcoming virtual event, “Hazardous Waste Records: What’s Required.” Learn more and register here.   

Luke Jacobs

Jacobs founded Encamp Inc. in 2018 with his two co-founders, his brother Sam Jacobs and friend Dan Smedema from what started as an idea during a camping trip in June 2017. Encamp focuses on software to serve the EHS industry by streamlining environmental compliance reporting.

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