One Solution for All of Your RCRA Data

Get all of your RCRA compliance data in one place to easily manage generator status, manifests and more across multiple facilities.

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RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Solution

With Encamp, you get the best of both worlds. Industry leading software plus industry leading experts. Our team will be there every step of the way, from connecting your data, to managing your tasks, through reporting and beyond.

Hazardous Waste Management from Cradle to Grave

Hazardous waste reporting, management and compliance are now seamless with Encamp’s RCRA solution. Everything from day-to-day manifest management to biennial reports is all in one easy platform, giving you confidence in your compliance.

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One Dashboard, All of Your Hazardous Waste Data

Encamp connects all of the places where your hazardous waste data is kept, including your hazardous waste vendors. We’ll bring that data into the platform where you’ll be able to see it across all of your facilities along with the actions you need to take to manage your RCRA compliance.

Seamless Management and Reporting

You’ll see all of your data in one place – making day-to-day hazardous waste management and reporting easier. We’ll show you everything from individual wastestreams to facility level data and prompt you to take the right actions like submitting notifications, managing manifests and more. Plus – we track every state’s requirements for you, so you don’t have to.

Accomplish Your Hazardous Waste Goals

All of your data in one place means that you’ll be able to see and share your RCRA data in a way that’s easy to track toward corporate goals like decreasing hazardous waste generation or improving reclamation and recovery.

RCRA is a collection of regulations meant to manage hazardous waste from ‘cradle to grave’. Every aspect of hazardous waste falls under RCRA, including generation, transportation, management, treatment and disposal.

In order to be considered a hazardous waste generator, you must produce hazardous waste as defined in part 261 of title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The EPA has designated three generator statuses:

  • Very small quantity generator  (VSQG) – 100 kg or less
  • Small quantity generator (SQG) – 100 kg to 1,000 kg
  • Large quantity generator (LQG) – 1,000 kg or more

Your generator status is determined on a facility level and is dependent on the amount of hazardous waste generated in a calendar month. The status of each facility determines the regulations that you’re required to follow, for example how long waste can be stored, requirements for transportation, disposal and more. Learn more here. 

Some states including California, Washington, Kansas, Minnesota, Maryland, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts have different generator statuses or regulations than designated by the EPA. Check your state here.

RCRA compliance is a serious matter, and the penalties reflect that.

The EPA is authorized to assess civil penalties for failure to comply with RCRA requirements and criminal penalties for knowing violations.

In general, civil penalties include a fine of up to $37,500 per violation per day for things like unknowing noncompliance or failure to comply with a regulatory order.

Criminal penalties are reserved for “knowing noncompliance” or “knowing endangerment”. These carry a fine of up to $50,000 per day and/or 2 years in prison for knowing noncompliance and up to $250,000 and/or 15 years in prison for knowing endangerment.

The Encamp platform and expert compliance team helps you increase confidence in your compliance. First, Encamp will take in all of your hazardous waste data, including generation, transportation, disposal and more. Then, you’ll be able to log in to the Encamp dashboard and see all of your data across every facility. Based on your data, we’ll prompt you and your staff to complete tasks to maintain compliance.

In addition to the Encamp platform, you’ll always have our team of compliance experts on your side to help you navigate your individual requirements and goals.

Encamp helps you consolidate and make sense of all of your RCRA compliance data.

You’ll be able to:

  • Connect all of your data to Encamp including your waste vendor, internal systems and more
  • Quickly and easily track your facility generator statuses, file reports and complete tasks to maintain compliance
  • See all of your hazardous waste data and track trends, management methods and more.

In addition to the industry leading platform, you’ll also have a team of RCRA compliance experts on your side.

Encamp doesn’t replace the in person data collection that consultants and in-house staff provide. Instead, Encamp empowers your consultants and in-house staff to be more efficient and, ultimately, more successful at maintaining compliance.

Encamp provides a unified source of data collection, data visibility and task management that consultants and in-house staff struggle to provide on their own.

In many cases, Encamp can also help you decrease your reliance on expensive consulting services by providing you direct access to your data and the ability to more quickly complete tasks and reports.

Encamp’s dashboard offers everything from a high level overview of data across all of your facilities to an in-depth view of individual facilities, wastestreams and manifests.

The main dashboard is primarily useful for executive overview, tracking hazardous waste trends and connecting your hazardous waste metrics to company goals. You’ll find things like:

  • Facility generator status trends
  • Top management methods
  • Waste codes
  • Much more!

Before Encamp, many of our customers struggle to get a clear picture of their hazardous waste data and manage the multiple manual tasks required to maintain RCRA compliance.

After Encamp, our customers get all of the important data to share with executive stakeholders and connect hazardous waste management to company sustainability goals, and giving environmental professionals a strategic seat at the table.

In addition, environmental teams can offload much of the required manual work to Encamp, leaving them time to focus on making more ambitious sustainability goals, reducing waste, training facility staff and disposing of waste in more efficient ways.

The Encamp compliance engine automatically recognizes your state and the associated regulations. In the states where the regulations are different from the federal EPA guidelines, you’ll see tasks, generator statuses and more that help you stay compliant.

In addition, Encamp has a team of RCRA compliance specialists who are here to help you understand and act on your individual requirements.

Encamp is ideal for environmental professionals who manage multiple facilities in multiple states. You’ll be able to unify your data collection and management, quickly and easily manage your RCRA compliance tasks and get your compliance data all in one place for executive overview as well as facility and wastestream level deep dives.

With Encamp, you’ll have confidence that you’re compliant with all RCRA regulations across facilities and states, your facility staff will have easy access for unified manual data entry.