Tier II Reporting Checklist: Verifying Data and State Requirements

The sheer amount of compliance data and Tier II reporting requirements EHS managers have to track can make environmental compliance hard to achieve when timeliness and accuracy are such a central focus. 

Having a checklist on hand during each phase of the Tier II reporting process makes sure no detail is left unturned. That’s why we’ve created a helpful Tier II Reporting Checklist, perfect for breaking down the three main periods of Tier II reporting from data collection, reporting submissions, and compliance audits into bite-sized tasks. 

In this article, we’re focusing on the top tasks EHS managers can follow today to stay proactive and save time when verifying data and reporting requirements:

      1. Gather purchasing information and inventory to make sure new chemicals or quantities are captured.
      2. Compare the current year’s purchasing and facility contact information from the previous year’s Tier II report.
      3. Verify login details and changes in requirements for individual states facilities are reporting in.
      4. Reach out early to the SERC, LEPC, or local fire departments for specific questions.

Proactively Verify Your Tier II Data and State Requirements

Although facilities that store hazardous chemicals on-site usually start preparing to submit reports for Tier II during the start of the year, they often find themselves needing more time to actually verify the data they have. In the EHS industry, it is typical for compliance data to come from multiple disconnected sources and is often difficult to centralize into one single location. And although state or local requirements may not change all the time, the volume of jurisdictions facilities are in make it difficult to verify requirements and logins one-by-one as well.

Arming yourself and your team with a well-designed checklist will help keep them calm, organized, and compliant. By foreseeing chemical inventory changes early and anticipating small details –  such as changes in portal login and emergency contacts – your team will be equipped to report accurately and on time.

Prepare for the Tier II Reporting Deadline

Collecting and verifying compliance data and reporting requirements is an important part of keeping the Tier II reporting progress on track. However, this is only the beginning and each part of the process requires a proactive stance, especially report submissions. When individual state portals open on January 1st up until the submission deadline of March 1st, EHS teams continue to face labor-intensive tasks that come with handling annual Tier II reports internally from report submissions, sending mailers, and processing payments. This is why it’s still strongly recommended for EHS teams to keep a Tier II Reporting Checklist on-hand, to make sure every task needed during the reporting period is accounted for. 

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