Encamp Picks: 5 Environmental Documentaries To Watch

From the environmental compliance experts at Encamp

It’s no secret that at Encamp, we’re passionate about the environment and sustainability. We’re also experts at binge watching (thanks, streaming culture!) environmental documentaries that are great ways to learn about the state of the planet and how we can create sustainable ways to protect it for future generations.

Our five favorite environmental documentaries

From climate change to ocean pollution, here is a list of our five favorite documentaries (in no particular order), compiled by our team of environmental compliance experts, that are worth binge-watching today:

Kiss The Ground (2020)

Kiss The Ground is an award-winning full-length documentary brought on by an all-star team of environmental and agricultural experts in 2020. The documentary has its eyes set on climate change and how regenerative agriculture can balance the climate, replenish the water supply, and keep endangered species off the extinction list. Though it paints a grim picture of today’s present situation, the film also showcases the positive effects of regeneration and how it can reverse the effects of climate change. 

environmental documentary

Encamper Review: “This documentary talks about soil, carbon sequestration, and how changing farming practices could pretty much reverse global warming.” – Jack, Engineering at Encamp

The Devil We Know (2018)

The Devil We Know is an investigative documentary released in 2018 that highlights the alleged health hazards of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and how it contaminated a community in West Virginia. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and her team’s research uncovered a much bigger problem: how nearly all Americans are exposed to this particular synthetical chemical via their food and water.

environmental documentary

Encamper Review: “It’s WORTH IT – extremely eye opening and a great example of environmental injustice.” – Katie, Customer Experience 

Mission Blue (2014)

This 2014 marine documentary follows Dr. Silvia Earle and her mission to save the world’s oceans from overfishing and toxic waste. Dr. Earle and her team identify Hope Spots, special places in the deep blue sea that are critical to the ocean’s health.

environmental documentary

Encamper Review: “It’s an in depth look at the threats to the world’s oceans and what policies are needed to prevent further environmental destruction.“ – Ian, Marketing

Seaspiracy (2021)

Seaspiracy is one of the most popular environmental documentaries to come out in 2021. It shines a light on the destruction of the marine ecosystem brought about by plastic marine debris, ghost fishing, and commercial fishing around the world. Did you know that commercial fishing has wiped out 90% of the world’s large fish population?

environmental documentary

Encamper Review: “It was pretty eye opening… but also very depressing.” – Amy, Encamp Sales

Brave Blue World (2020)

A personal favorite, Brave Blue World premiered in 2020 headlined by Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, and Jaden Smith. This feature-length documentary embraces modern solutions to today’s water sustainability challenges. It also offers a fresh new perspective at looking at how digital technology bridges with environmental sustainability to solve present challenges and create a better future for water.

environmental documentary

Encamper Review: “It’s an in depth look at the world’s water crisis and what people are doing to innovate and solve the issue of access to clean drinking water.” – Ian, Marketing 

Do you have any must-see environmental documentaries on your list? 

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