Webinar: Proactive Environmental Compliance

Fellow EHS Professionals,

You know in the movie Field of Dreams when the voice tells Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) to “Build it and he will come”? That’s my plan for the webinar Encamp is co-presenting with leading environmental compliance experts from chemical company Hexion and EHS research firm Verdantix on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 11 am ET (8 am PT).  

We’ve titled the event “The Path to Proactive Environmental Compliance,” and as CEO and Co-founder of Encamp, this is my invitation for you to join in the conversation.  

If you’ve ever had to deal with the complexities of environmental compliance reporting, like I did before Encamp took shape, this webinar can help you avoid them. After all, it’s time to stop losing sleep over non-compliance — and to start being confident with proactive environmental compliance management.

You’ll learn how to

  • Minimize non-compliance risks proactively through digital transformation
  • Increase data transparency across teams and facilities to streamline and standardize compliance management
  • Collaborate better with key internal stakeholders for increased compliance confidence, company-wide
  • Improve EHS workforce productivity, institutional knowledge sharing, and employee empowerment
  • Contribute to and optimize sustainability efforts with improved visibility into reporting processes and data

Who you are

Whether you’re a corporate buyer, technical leader, or someone who plays a role in your company’s EHS and compliance operations, we’re reserving a virtual front-row seat for you. 

Who our webinar panelists are

Renee Decker, Hexion 

As EH&S Development Program Engineer at Hexion, Renee is focused on Tier II, TRI, and other environmental reporting. She’s also working with colleagues to transform Hexion’s compliance practices by streamlining and standardizing their reporting processes. Renee graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering.  

Bill Pennington, Verdantix

Bill is the Research Director in the Verdantix EHS practice covering EHS software, best practices and innovative technologies, including emerging solutions like industrial wearables and mobile EHS apps. Prior to Verdantix, he worked in corporate EHS roles in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Bill holds an MBS degree in Sustainability from Rutgers University.

Luke Jacobs, Encamp 

Before I co-founded Encamp in 2017 and got the title of CEO, I was an Environmental Scientist at GDH. That’s when I decided environmental compliance reporting had to be faster and easier — thus Encamp. Also as I’ve always been, I’m still an active researcher, writer and speaker. I earned a BS in Environmental Science from Indiana University, along with a Certificate of Underwater Resource Management from IU.

Join us for an hour

Register Now!

Protecting the environment is important to all of us in the EHS realm, and one way to do it is through a sustainable best-in-class compliance program. 

Please join us on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 11 am ET (8 am PT), and we’ll discuss how we can all do our part — faster, easier, and better.

Chat later,


Luke Jacobs

Jacobs founded Encamp Inc. in 2018 with his two co-founders, his brother Sam Jacobs and friend Dan Smedema from what started as an idea during a camping trip in June 2017. Encamp focuses on software to serve the EHS industry by streamlining environmental compliance reporting.

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