Unlocking the Power of AI in EHS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry, including Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS). Language understanding, image recognition, problem solving, and decision making are all now within the ambit of AI. Significant advancements in AI are driven by increased computational power and data availability, offering businesses advantages like productivity and efficiency. 

With these new developments, there are ongoing public debates and ethical concerns surrounding AI, and topics such as privacy, bias, accountability and job displacement are being deliberated upon with organizations stepping up to build regulatory frameworks. 

Practical applications of AI chat tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard in daily EHS operations include helping simplify data, write safety reports, create memos, and summarize regulations. Examples of drafting safety protocols for chemical spills and creating realistic scenarios for fire safety drills demonstrate the actual application of AI in EHS compliance today. 

Tech companies such as Encamp are incorporating AI to improve efficiency and accuracy in data processing and through future product developments such as SDS digitization.

A sneak peek at how Encamp can automatically pull in product information from an SDS using artificial intelligence


For an in-depth understanding of AI in EHS and its practical applications, view the on-demand session ‘Using AI in EHS’ here.

Encamp is an enterprise technology company that automates EPCRA Tier II and HMBP compliance. Encamp transforms compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance. Over 200 businesses, including a growing number of businesses listed in the Fortune 1000 and Fortune 100, now use Encamp in more than 18,000 regulated facilities throughout the United States. Encamp has filed over 27,000 reports on behalf of enterprises using a blend of high-tech software solutions, backed by high-touch expert support. Learn more about our unique approach here.

Megan Walters

Megan is Encamp’s VP of Compliance & Customer Success and formerly a Senior Environmental Scientist. But she’s also a Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer® (CESCO), an EHSMS Internal Auditor, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, eRailSafe certified, a HAZWOPER 40 Hour - Emergency Response Technician, and skilled in RCRA, DOT, and ISO 14001. Obviously, she knows “compliance.”

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