Encamp’s Fall Summit 2021 Takes to the Mountains

Thank you Park City, Utah, for having us. Your mountains were breathtaking, the weather was perfect… and our time at Encamp’s Fall Summit 2021 was pretty awesome!  (We all followed the Covid-19 protocols set by Encamp and by Park City officials, by the way.)

The view in and around Park City, Utah


After all, who gets to hang with your work friends, hike, ride horses, go trap shooting, build catapults, chill by a fire, eat, drink, and forget about the daily routine for a few days? Call it camaraderie, fellowship, whatever. Because at Encamp, it’s genuine — and it’s special. 

Like our Summer Camp in Indianapolis earlier this year, Fall Summit 2021 served as a gathering place for Encamp’s fully remote workforce. The Summit gave us the chance to catch up with our fellow Encampers in person, and meet all the new faces who’ve come on board since Summer Camp. To all the new Encampers, welcome!

Experiencing Encamp’s culture in person and not just virtually is why our CEO and co-founder Luke Jacobs and the Encamp leadership team started these seasonal happenings. And they only promise to get more adventurous.

What Encamp is all about

Encamp CEO and Co-founder Luke Jacobs
Encamp CEO and Co-founder Luke Jacobs

The Fall Summit was a time to remind everyone what Encamp’s values are as an organization and where we’re headed as a technology innovator in the environmental compliance industry. 

The first item was reviewing Encamp’s Core Values and announcing our quarterly Core Value Award winners.


Encamp departments and their missions

Next on the agenda was an introduction to all the Encamp teams and their respective missions. (Reach out the respective department leaders on LinkedIn.) In a nutshell:

Engineering, headed by Ben Jacobs | Mission: “To end copy and paste reporting by building the Iron Man suit for EHS professionals.”

Product, headed by Pauline Chen | Mission: “Become the go-to environmental compliance platform for compliance professionals and executives.” 

Customer Success, headed by Megan Walters | Mission: “To provide support and expertise to our external and internal customers to keep them in compliance, make their lives easier when it comes to EHS, and create raving Encamp fans.”

Sales, headed by Sam Jacobs | Mission: “To deliver meaningful experiences through the entirety of the prospect lifecycle, with the end goal in mind… driving revenue to the company.”

Marketing, headed by Jessica Engel | Mission: “To drive brand awareness and demand for Encamp as the go-to environmental compliance solution for EHS professionals and executives.”

Finance, headed by Heather Shanahan | Mission: “To manage the financial needs of our customers and the business, serve and support outside stakeholders, and serve and support each department in the operations of Encamp.”

People, headed by Samantha Strube | Mission: “To enable a healthy, high performing culture that scales.” 

The time for being reactive is over

Everyone at Fall Summit was additionally reminded of how truly innovative the Encamp platform is in making compliance reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. It’s the crux of why Encamp exists — an end-to-end solution to make environmental compliance simple

To get every Encamper on the same solution messaging page, we highlighted how our solution works and why it makes for Happy Encamper customers. 

  • Get started quickly by way of onboarding and putting the Encamp solution to work
  • A single pane of glass to keep EHS teams and distributed facilities on the same page
  • Near real-time monitoring to keep reporting tasks on track and moving forward
  • Management review to involve all stakeholders in compliance and reporting QA/QC 
  • Automated reporting for Tier II submissions and fee payments across states, territories, and local agencies
  • Business continuity through a single source of truth, standardized processes, visibility and knowledge sharing to ensure compliance year-round 

At this point, the Encamp platform is the environmental compliance and reporting solution for more than 8,000 Tier II reports filed, upwards of 5,000 facilities managed, over 20,000 compliance dates tracked, and 11,157 new trees planted on behalf of Encamp customers and employees. (In conjunction with the non-profit group, One Tree Planted, trees are planted for every Tier II report customers file using Encamp.)

A fireside chat 

The Fall Summit’s first day agenda wrapped up with guest speaker Ricky Pellitier of OpenView Partners and a group Q&A with Ricky and Encamp CEO Luke Jacobs. OpenView invests in rising tech companies like Encamp, and as Ricky pointed out, they see the Encamp platform and it’s automation capabilities for environmental compliance reporting as a significant differentiator in the EHS market.

The key to Encamp’s continued growth, Ricky added, will be its expanding solution roadmap and new products for compliance reporting in other regulatory disciplines like RCRA, air, and water. The takeaway from the fireside chat is that Encamp’s future is “very promising.”

Within the Encamp culture, it’s widely embraced to appreciate nature and the environment — and we’re doing our collective part to protect it. When we say what’s good for business is good for the environment, we stand by it. 

We’ll do this all again soon at our spring gathering in March 2022. We haven’t decided on the destination yet, but we know it’ll be another adventure.

Join us!

Are you ready to join us at the next Encamp event? We’re still growing, and we welcome new folks who share our passion for the environment and believe in Encamp’s mission to reimagine how environmental compliance works. Visit our Careers page to see the positions we have open. And while you’re there, download and browse our Culture Handbook to learn what Encamp is really all about.

Transforming the way enterprises stay in compliance 

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. We help enterprises transform compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance through a blended method of intelligent high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support.

Tom Bailey

Tom is the Senior Content Writer at Encamp. And like all other Encampers, he’s in tune with the environment and what happens to it. He’s been writing about creative technology solutions for longer than he cares to admit.

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