Environmental Compliance and Customer Success

At Encamp, we view environmental compliance success and customer success through the same lens. 

Our customers come from all corners of the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) profession. They serve at all levels of the organizations for which they work, from EHS program managers, directors and specialists to the executive level. And every day they face more challenges, from new laws and complex regulations to navigating facilities, agency red tape and Tier II reports. 

With such a winding data trail, no wonder environmental compliance success is constantly hard to achieve. 

Central to Encamp’s Guided Environmental Compliance method

EHS professionals and making data easier to manage are why we started Encamp. By eliminating data silos — along with arduous technology implementations and adoption life cycles — the Encamp platform makes environmental compliance and reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. 

Data management is also central to the Guided Environmental Compliance method from Encamp. To improve data visibility and control, the method promotes establishing a strong foundation for compliance data and creating a continuous data collection process as initial steps. And by blending digitization, high-tech solutions and the high-touch support of Encamp’s compliance experts in a technology-driven system, Guided Environmental Compliance tightly and continually aligns with the Tier II lifecycle

The Customer Success team at Encamp is a critical component of this guided approach as a whole. 

Sharpening our customer success focus

One of Encamp’s guiding principles is that we’re all about the journey. Your journey. Helping ensure environmental compliance success for all Encamp customers, existing and prospective, is our mission. Which is why customer-centricity has always been our priority. 

Now as we continue to grow, we’re putting even more focus on each customer’s success by expanding our dedicated Customer Success and support teams. With additional resources, we look to interact with every customer more routinely to nurture their Encamp relationship. And with an enhanced model for continuous engagement and support, we plan to learn more about what’s working well, and what customers need more assistance with. 

This will let us focus even more intently on delighting all Encamp customers — then keeping them delighted. After all, we want them to be Happy Encampers for a long time.

What Encamp customers are already saying

Encamp recently interviewed some of our existing customers to gauge their thoughts as Encamp end-users. When we asked them to describe how they felt about Encamp and if they had increased confidence in their compliance, their responses were interesting. These customers used words like “Liberated,” “Confident,” “Supported,” “Reassured,” “Secure,” and “Satisfied.” 

The feedback was definitely positive. And valuable, because it told us we’re doing something right. Still, our goal is to ensure that every Encamp customer feels this way, thus our increased focus on customer success and support. 

Strengthening our team

What’s the saying? “It takes a village…” Let’s just say your environmental compliance success takes an Encampment. And we’ve already made some moves to make our Customer Success team stronger.  

First, Megan Walters, CHMM, has moved up from Director of Compliance to VP of Compliance & Customer Success. In addition to being a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, she’s also a Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer® (CESCO) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. She additionally knows her stuff about RCRA and EPCRA, especially Tier II reporting. (Read how our solution makes EPCRA Tier II reporting easier.)

Next, we’ve started building out our team with more environmental compliance experts to help customers always feel supported and aligned with their goals. (If you know someone from the EHS industry who might want to join our team, steer them to our Culture & Careers page.)

And me? I’ve moved from Director of Environmental Solutions to Director of Customer Success. This lets me work with an already great team to make it even bigger and better.

New environmental compliance success initiatives

Another step we’re taking for Customer Success includes some new initiatives. They’ll further ensure environmental compliance success for every Encamp customer, and I’m excited to see the impact each goal will have:  

  • Meet the implementation schedule for each customer;
  • Meet with 3 to 5 customers every month to their solicit feedback and turn that into actionable insights for Encamp; 
  • Continue to maintain a customer retention rate that exceeds industry standards; and
  • Build out our customer success and support team to service RY21 Tier II and Biennial Waste Reporting (coming soon). 

To borrow from our new Customer Success web page: Let’s hit the environmental compliance success trail — together.

Transforming the way enterprises stay in compliance 

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. We help enterprises transform compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance through a blended method of intelligent high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support.

Julie Ragains

With over 12 years of experience in the EHS space, Julie has done everything from crawling on top of tanks on a hot summer day in Texas to managing full compliance programs from behind a desk for Fortune 500 companies. As Director of Customer Success at Encamp, Julie translates her real world experience into leveraging Encamp's solution for our customers and creating those Happy Encampers!

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