Encamp’s Continued Growth and Focus on Sustainability

Last week we published a short blog post entitled Reporting Year 2023 By the Numbers where we looked back at the immense volume of of ECPRA Tier II and RCRA bi/triennial, annual, and quarterly reports that were filed through Encamp leading up to the March 1st, 2024 deadline. Just in case you missed that one, we’ll do a quick recap before diving into some exciting sustainability metrics!

14,393 EPCRA Tier II reports filed through Encamp, covering a whopping 94,023 chemicals, and 37 million pounds of hazardous waste reported. We processed fee payments for 4,267 compliance obligations, and our customers saved 88,564 hours by partnering with Encamp. We filed nearly 2,000 more Tier II reports this year compared to last year, showcasing more throughout than ever before on our platform and increased adoption of technology by corporations to meet EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements. And the exciting part is that we still managed to get more efficient. 

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Environmental Impact

Despite this substantial increase in filing volume, we’ve actually reduced our environmental footprint significantly through process optimization, improved data hygiene, and deepening relationships with regulators. 

In reporting year 2022, Encamp sent 13,457 physical mailers between January 1 and March 1 2023. Compare that to reporting year 2023 where even with thousands more reports filed, we only sent 8,948 mailers from January to March 1.

That’s a reduction of nearly 4,500 fewer physical mailings entering the postal stream – leading to dramatically less shipping, handling, and resource waste. This demonstrates our commitment to aligning our rapidly growing operations with sustainable environmental practices.

Additionally, only just 177 pieces of mail were returned to sender this reporting year, versus 674 last year — 73% reduction.

Where’d all those mailers go?

If you’re wondering where all that mail, check out the graphic below. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a distribution map?

The Road Ahead

But reducing physical mail sent isn’t our only sustainability initiative. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, for every Tier II report processed, we plant a tree – directly tying our compliance solutions to environmental stewardship. From reforestation to restoring habitats to absorbing carbon emissions – our growing number of trees planted demonstrates that what’s what’s good for business can be good for the environment. 

We remain committed to advancing what’s possible for EHS and compliance teams by democratizing access to data, and best in class customer experiences and are excited to see you on the road ahead!

David Figliulo

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