EPCRA: How To Automate Tier II Reporting

Consulting firms for Tier II reporting and environmental compliance do important work. And they do it well. But there are certain aspects of the Tier II process that Encamp excels at over consultants and the EHS software and point systems they typically use.

A Better Approach to Tier II Reporting

First, Encamp’s modern software platform for environmental compliance lets you align business and environmental incentives across your organization. You equip all members of your team with a single, end-to-end compliance management solution instead of relying on multiple consultants.

Then, with our platform’s EPCRA module, you simplify Section 312 compliance and Tier II reporting. You make data more visible, easier to locate, and even easier to access, and automate the process for report preparation and submissions. With more direct oversight of your reporting information, you reduce risk of non-compliance significantly.

Mostly, with the preparations for Tier II being a full-year process, you’re no longer on a consultant’s schedule. You’re able to proactively manage EPCRA compliance year round and say farewell to annual fire drills for 312 reporting or missed 302 notifications.

With the Encamp platform doing the work consultants do, you bring Tier II reporting in house and make it faster, easier, more accurate… and totally proactive.

A sound decision

Imagine, an EPCRA solution designed to make Tier II reporting easy and efficient, and to put you in complete control. Encamp’s integrated platform eliminates data silos and lets you streamline information and standardize processes throughout your organization. It also gives your company a single pane of glass through which to manage each facet of Tier II reporting preparation — like threshold checks and data reviews — and continually monitoring every task and its progress.

These capabilities alone make bringing Tier II reporting in house a sound decision. But here a few more details that make the move a no-brainer — things not all consultants and EHS software or point systems can do.

(Quick disclosure. Encamp’s Partner Ecosystem equips consulting firms with our platform for their Tier II reporting services. So if you still need consulting help, look to one of Encamp’s partners and you’ll get the same effective reporting outcomes.)

Simplify Tier II reporting preparation

Forget navigating through upwards of 50 different state systems to submit Tier II reports. The Encamp platform lets environmental compliance teams orchestrate reporting using a single dashboard. Encamp then makes your submissions for you. Every person involved in the Tier II process uses our platform’s EPCRA dashboard and its intuitive reporting and tracking tools.

For each facility you have to report on, the Encamp platform and EPCRA dashboard sync with state portals to:

  • Automatically import data from your previous years’ Tier II reports, giving you an instant starting point for new reporting.
  • Update amounts — range codes automatically calculate the numbers and account for state-specific codes. Storage locations are figured in, too.
  • Once data is confirmed, assign reviewers for double-checks and verification, all the way up to the executive level.

Full view of Tier II reporting activities

With the EPCRA dashboard, program managers, directors, EHS specialists, and corporate leaders all view every activity by facility: Reporting task percentage until completion; Number of days to deadline; Facilities that have already filed reports and ones that still need to start the process.

This dashboard further includes a built-in knowledgebase and videos to answer questions, verify details for Tier II requirements, and provide Tier II tips & tricks. And no matter the user level, its user-friendly interface speeds user adoption and keeps training to a minimum.

Integrated workflow and calculations for thresholds

For workflow, get state fields from the EPA, NOAA, and all 50 states before fields are made available in public state portals. The intuitive Tier II dashboard makes any workflow easy for all users to understand, including alerts and reminders for assigned tasks in each facility.

For calculations, confirm all threshold planning quantities (TPQs) for a state level, including extremely hazardous substances (EHSs). Encamp automatically selects if you’re under a reporting threshold for a given chemical or even an entire facility.

Automated record keeping

Automatically store the final Tier II report copy, records of payment, and an audit log for each facility in Encamp’s digital filing cabinet. Your filing cabinet organizes documents by default, so everything is captured. This keeps your reporting records in house and under your control, rather than “on file” with a consulting firm.

Proactively control your EPCRA compliance

Along with submitting Tier II reports accurately, on time, and with more confidence, moving the Tier II reporting process in house with Encamp lets you more proactively manage the risk of non-compliance through greater reporting control. And that’s only the top of the benefits list.

  • Mitigate non-compliance risks by making compliance more automated and fool proof, and by driving consistency and visibility across your company and all its facilities. Again, when reporting activities are all in house, you stay on top of due dates and changing Tier II requirements more intently — and more confidently.
  • Make demonstrating compliance simple. With Encamp as your system of record for Tier II reporting, you sleep better knowing the risk of non-compliance findings by internal or agency auditors are minimized.
  • Develop standardized and repeatable Tier II reporting processes. Eliminate siloed data and provide environmental compliance teams from across the organization with a single source of truth. Via the Encamp platform’s EPCRA module, reporting becomes both standardized and repeatable from year to year.
  • Simplify reporting for multiple facilities across multiple states. Eliminate the challenges of managing reporting processes for multiple facilities in one or more states or territories. Even when using a consultant, you still must often gather information for all these locations. Also, ease the burden of reporting to agencies in California, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Washington.
  • Eliminate the hassle of tracking and managing state filing fees. Encamp provides an efficient way to track and manage reporting costs by facility. You’re no longer reliant on a consultant to do this for you. Charge backs, budget forecasting, and annual budgeting can also be done in house, in a few minutes rather than weeks or months.

We’re with you every step of the way

No matter your Tier II reporting volume, our Customer Success team is with you from onboarding through ongoing support. Start with an account review by our environmental compliance experts. After that, have a 30-minute onboarding call to get you started. Our team also works with yours to import your data into Encamp.

Also realize time to value quickly. Encamp is deployed via the cloud, meaning there’s no software or hardware to install or months-long implementation.

Transforming the way enterprises stay in compliance 

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. We help enterprises transform compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance through a blended method of intelligent high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support.

Brandon Barlow

Brandon is Encamp’s Business Development Manager - Partnerships and Events. But we call him Mr. Everything, because he’s also been a Sales Engineer, Environmental Solutions Engineer, and Account Executive at Encamp. He knows our industry well, having worked in it now for more than a decade.

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