1. Download our helpful Tier II Checklist. It’s free! Link here.
  2. Find out if your state has changed any of their reporting requirements, like thresholds, reporting portal, LEPC contact, etc.
  3. If your state requires files to be in Tier2 Submit format, be sure to download the newest version of Tier2 Submit on your computer when it’s released.
  4. Start gathering your purchasing records and other inventory information to compile your data.
  5. Check to make sure there are no new products to add to your inventory from last year. If there are, your state may require the SDS to be submitted as well.
  6. You should also check to see if you have stopped storing any chemicals so you can remove them from your reporting.
  7. If your state requires a site plan, be sure to update that if needed with any changes in chemical storage location or other requirements.
  8. Compare your report to last year’s and see if they’re similar in amounts and chemicals. If there are large differences, be sure to review those and make any necessary changes.