Podcast: What to Know About Environmental Compliance

For most EHS professionals, regulatory environmental compliance reporting is often riddled with ever-evolving state regulations, complex state requirements, and the pressure to build a future-proof, sustainable business.

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Encamp CEO and Co-founder Luke Jacobs talks about
the importance of environmental compliance.

Listen in on this episode of the EHS on Tap podcast.


For many companies and their EHS teams and Operations staff, building a robust and effective compliance program comes with its own pitfalls. And for such a program, developing it, implementing it, and making sure it’s also sustainable is easier said than done.

You understand that staying in compliance means avoiding costly fines and operational stoppage, but manual and non-standardized processes across your facilities makes accurate and timely compliance reporting harder to achieve.

Sound familiar? 

After spending years as an environmental scientist, Encamp CEO and Co-founder Luke Jacobs knows just how real the struggle is for EHS professionals and organizations to understand and embrace environmental compliance.

To help them understand the complexities of compliance, EHS on Tap recently invited Luke to share his expertise. Tune in to listen to Luke’s expert insights on how to keep your environmental compliance goals on track.

Episode expert advice

“For the first time ever, people are managing their environmental compliance programs from home offices and distributed locations. All of that is really presenting a big challenge, but also a big opportunity for companies to accelerate their digital adoption and transformation. But with that there are all sorts of challenges. Just setting up systems is hard, choosing the right one, there’s training and adoption. All those efforts, if done well and if you pick the right system, are really impactful and have long-term gains.”

Transforming the way enterprises stay in compliance 

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. We help enterprises transform compliance programs and human processes into a technology-driven system that lays the foundation for accurate and ongoing environmental compliance through a blended method of intelligent high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support.

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