Coca-Cola Consolidated Case Study

A uniform compliance calendar for unique operations.

The Company

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina 
Industry: Food & Beverage 
Highlight: Largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States  
Employees: >15,000  
Net Sales: $5B in 2020


VISIBILITY, COLLABORATION & RISKS. The Coca-Cola Consolidated team oversees crucial environmental activities to ensure compliance with Company standards and environmental regulations. They prepare and submit compliance reports, conduct environmental assessments, and track environmental metrics to drive efficiency and reach Coca-Cola Consolidated’s sustainability goals.

But the Consolidated team used a compliance calendar built in Excel that was troublesome to manage and not adequately shared. And they missed compliance reporting dates at newly acquired facilities because of it. So, good-bye spreadsheet and insufficient collaboration. A compliance calendar that put all teammates on the same page at the same time wasn’t just a glaring need. It was a critical need. 

MISSED REPORTING DEADLINES. With no shared calendar at newly acquired facilities, members of the Consolidated team were unsure of their responsibilities and who was completing what — the perfect storm for missed reporting deadlines.

ARE YOUR REPORTS COMPLETED YET? No calendar visibility to track activities and their status left no way to know if facilities were completing reporting and environmental tasks as required. Or when required. Constant calls and emails to confirm work were only a manual band-aid.

EXCEL WAS NOT THE ANSWER. Using a spreadsheet as a compliance calendar was a collective roadblock. Linking it to the Consolidated team’s Outlook email/calendar wasn’t doable. Updates and edits couldn’t be shared in real time. And when updates were made, having to review them manually was time-robbing.






12 manufacturing
70+ distribution centers



Unique tasks across all facilities


A FULLY CONNECTED TEAM, IN FULL VIEW. Behind Encamp’s compliance calendar is a compliance library of tasks, including pre-built templates, that does the real work. Teams like the one at Coca-Cola Consolidated schedule required compliance and reporting activities at every facility. They assign specific tasks to specific teammates. Then in real time and with a 360° view, they track progress and due dates throughout the process of preparing and submitting final reports.

At each facility and at all times, every teammate now knows their responsibilities and who’s completing what activity. There’s no inadvertent redundant work, and no task goes overlooked.

Life with Encamp

GOING FORWARD, Coca-Cola Consolidated plans to use their Encamp compliance calendar more intently to:

  • Ensure compliance with Company standards and environmental regulations
  • Oversee the completion of tasks and responsibilities for individual facilities
  • Send reminders to responsible parties that about an upcoming task 
  • Never miss a reporting due date

For the Coca-Cola Consolidated team, Encamp’s compliance calendar also lets them work smarter and has added value to users and the Company: 

EASY TRANSITION FOR NEW TEAMMATES. New teammates aren’t overwhelmed and unsure of all of their new responsibilities. Their calendar is already filled out for them.

EMAIL REMINDERS FOR UPCOMING DUE DATES. Given the fast-paced environment in which they work, automatic reminders to teammates are especially helpful to keep them on task. The team’s manager no longer has to call or send emails to constantly check on a task’s status.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT. With the visibility of Encamp’s compliance calendar, the Coca-Cola Consolidated team already has more confidence they’re in compliance. But they’re also able to enhance visibility across facilities when compliance requirements change, and as new sites are added.

“Encamp has been an amazing support system in creating a uniform, compliance calendar for each of our unique facilities.”

Brandi Collignon
Manager, Environmental Affairs


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