How Ryder brought data for customers that have more than 4,000 products, into one place

About Ryder

Ryder is a leading transportation and logistics company with more than 43,000 employees serving over 55,000 commercial customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada, across various industries.

Before Encamp

Their need

Ryder wanted to implement an improved and formalized Tier II process which leveraged existing data systems and captured state-specific requirements for consistent and simplified reporting. The goal was to find a solution that could streamline the Tier II reporting process across North America with accurate information, and a user-friendly interface that met their cyber security requirements.

Ryder’s issues before Encamp

Issue 1: The size of their operation
  • Building consistency and efficiencies in their compliance program across North America
Issue 2: Working in Multiple Industries
  • Working with customers in a myriad of different industries; automotive, industrial agriculture, consumer packaged goods, retail technology, healthcare
Issue 3: Handling Tier II Reporting
  • Pulling together data for industrial customers that can have more than 4,000 products with SDSs, (and each of those SDSs can have a slew of chemicals that pertain to that individual sku)
Issue 4: Multiple jurisdictions
  • A variability of jurisdictional requirements and platforms; every time Ryder expanded into a new city, a new state, a new area, they were having to understand specific requirements for that jurisdiction


After Encamp

After implementing Encamp, Ryder has been able to:

  • Spend more time to refine their compliance strategy and delve deeper into their customer’s inventories and understand them in a much more profound way.
  • Get ongoing support for Tier II filing
  • Have a source of truth for reports, credentials, and records
  • Save 165 hours reporting for 5 facilities


Watch the video above to learn how Margarita Kruyff, Environmental Services Director at Ryder, uses Encamp to simplify and standardize their Tier II reporting with expertise, innovation, and customer service.

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