Today, we’re announcing the first end-to-end compliance platform — a best-in-class EHS software system built for environmental professionals. But Encamp is more than just an environmental management system, or EMS. It’s end-to-end and 50-state-aware: a tool that helps you understand, manage, and comply with applicable regulations for all your facilities, in all 50 states.

We call it an “end-to-end” platform rather than an EMS, because it’s the connected command center for your entire compliance program, from requirement determination to report submission — unlike a traditional EMS that is hard to set up, even harder to use, and still leaves you copy-pasting your report information into state websites to comply with regulations.

Software in the EHS space is still in its early stages — in fact, most EHS teams don’t use any dedicated software specifically built for them. But we believe the future of EHS compliance programs will be built on end-to-end, 50-state-aware systems that are fundamentally concerned with the compliance applicability of every facility, and have the capability to automate final submissions for common compliance reports.

End-to-End and 50-State-Aware:
The Future of Environmental Compliance.

We believe that environmental teams should have an end-to-end platform for environmental compliance, unifying all their facilities across all 50 states.

That’s not how it works today.

Companies are being forced to use multiple systems like Excel, SharePoint, binders, and email to keep their environmental programs in compliance. Federal standards are often left to the states to administer. For the most part each state has their own reporting requirements, schedules, and systems.

None of these systems speak to one another.

In today’s world, companies are stuck overpaying consultants or overworking their internal teams. They struggle constantly to remain on top of ever-changing state and federal requirements.

Keeping up with compliance on an ongoing basis can feel like reinventing the wheel over and over again.

With those approaches, something is missing.

There should be a single end-to-end platform for facility environmental compliance. This platform would empower EHS teams to:

That’s exactly what we’re building at Encamp.

Here are a few neat features that make Encamp unique:

Site Specific Compliance Profiles

Encamp syncs directly with governmental compliance databases so you can build your compliance profiles in minutes. Type in your facility name and address, and we pull in your compliance information from available federal and state databases. Automatically.

Encamp is also the missing half of Excel. Easily import and export your facility data as Excel files to stay organized, effective, and efficient.

With Encamp, you can create a single source of truth for your compliance data, permits, and documentation — organized by facilities in a modern platform everyone can understand.

An Intelligent Compliance Calendar

At Encamp, we understand that your compliance program is only successful if you report on time, every time.

Encamp is built with an intelligent compliance calendar connecting all your facilities. When you add a facility to the platform, it pulls in your compliance information from available federal and state databases and compiles the data, allowing you to create a personalized compliance calendar for all your locations.

In a sentence, Encamp empowers you to understand the compliance reporting requirements for each of your facilities — so you can hit every deadline with less stress.

Integrated Forms and Documents

Encamp provides you a facility-centric location to store your compliance documents, so your hard work doesn’t get lost across shared folders. Encamp also provides up-to-date government forms, so you can access fillable state and federal EHS compliance forms in one place. Add any custom forms in seconds to make it your own.

When your compliance docs and forms are organized in one place, everyone is on the same page — with less headache and work.

End-to-End Compliance Reporting

We’re on a mission to phase out copy-paste reporting and record keeping – starting with Tier II hazardous material inventory reports.

With Encamp, you get a unified, easy-to-understand interface that contains every custom Tier II reporting field required by each state. It’s simple to keep your chemical inventories up-to-date. Encamp even automatically calculates the reporting thresholds for each chemical based on the state they are being reported in.

Encamp takes the manual, time-consuming task of submitting Tier II information and transforms it into an automated process in all 50 states. Encamp makes sure every agency who needs a report copy gets one, and that all the documents you need to keep for your internal records are automatically saved and organized.

Life’s too short to spend it copy-pasting data into governmental systems. Let software do the busy work and get back to doing what you’re great at.

We’re building the future of EHS software.
See it for yourself.

Schedule a demo here to see why businesses all across the country are upgrading to Encamp — the first End-to-End Environmental Compliance Platform that is simple to use and 50-State-Aware.

Let’s get right to the problem of Tier II reporting for multiple facilities.

For many of the businesses Encamp works with, the problem isn’t having more than one facility to report on. It’s having facilities in different states and being required to comply with each state’s own regulations for Tier II reporting. Here’s how the EPA frames it…

“Some states may have specific requirements for reporting and submission of the Tier II inventory form and/or the state reporting form or format. EPA suggests that facilities contact their state for state specific reporting requirements.”

Multiplied by even a few different states, it’s dizzying to have to track data for all the chemical types and thresholds at facilities in each location. And what if a company ships a load of hazardous chemicals to a different location in another state? For Tier II reporting at any facility — let alone several — data changes constantly.

Adding to the data pile are facility details for reporting from the EPA: The latitude and longitude of a facility’s location. The facility’s Dun & Bradstreet number. The maximum number of occupants that might be present at any one time, including employees, contractors, vendors, and people at the facility for training or other events.

I could go on, but I rest my case. The point is, for facilities in various states, the end-to-end Encamp platform lets businesses manage all compliance information and Tier II reporting in one place.

One data source for every facility and all users

From our platform’s single intuitive interface:

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "tier ii reporting"
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "tier ii reporting"

Unify Tier II reporting for facilities in all 50 states‍

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "tier ii reporting"

Track reporting status by facility‍

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "tier ii reporting"

One of our customers actually says it best about our platform’s Tier II reporting capabilities for facilities across states. Sam George, J.D., CHMM, is VP of Compliance & Waste Management at SESCO Group, and as he puts it:

“I need a centralized location where facility information is spelled out and all in one place. Encamp provides that and is exactly what facilities need to stay accountable.”

I’ll say this again too. Encamp’s environmental compliance management platform was created by EHS professionals for EHS professionals. Our never-ending goal is to make Tier II reporting easier, and putting the data for every facility at your fingertips is a big part of that.

Watch & learn more…

Schedule a demo and interactive walkthrough to see the Encamp platform at work. When you do, it gives an idea of the reporting issues you’re up against. Then we show you precisely how our platform can solve them.

Within the realm of EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements, the most grueling parts are getting the data right and filling out the proper forms for regulatory agencies. So logically, submitting your EPCRA Tier II forms should be the easy part, right? Um, not necessarily. In a lot of ways, submissions can be just as exhausting.

Let’s do a little math first. In the U.S., every state has its own system for EPCRA Tier II submissions. That’s 50 different portals and websites and submission procedures — and trust me, there is nothing standardized about any of them. Add the EPA’s Tier2 Submit software, and the submission process gets crazier.

Now tally the states where you have to send mailings to fire departments and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). For EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements, those can be submissions headaches, too.

Then finally, for EPCRA Tier II filing fees, the payment options in each state can range from online methods and credit cards to hard copy checks. Nothing standard again. Scream!

Ease your EPCRA Tier II submissions pain

Here’s where Encamp and our end-to-end platform for environmental compliance helps. In making the entire EPCRA Tier II reporting process easier, we submit the completed forms and pay fees to all appropriate agencies on your behalf.

Fair to say, we save you a lot of time and stress on the submission admin side. More importantly, Encamp makes sure your Tier II forms are up to date, accurate, validated, and submitted as scheduled.

Doing your submissions legwork

There are still other things Encamp does for EPCRA Tier II submissions — details that sometimes go unnoticed — that EHS professionals can also appreciate. Following is an example of what I mean (it’s from a recent demo and the discussion I had with the company’s EHS team members).

EHS professional: “It seems like more and more states are moving away from Tier2 Submit. And even in the states that continue to accept it, you still have to go through their (state) portal and submit that way. So it’s pretty much the same data going into all these portals. It just has to be put into the format they want it.”

Julie (me): “That’s correct. What we’re able to do is scrape the data out of the Tier2 Submit system and any state portals and organize it into the Encamp format. It’s all an automated export process. Then we convert your EPCRA Tier II data into the format that individual states require. After that, it’s a similar automated process for how we push the submission back out.”

EHS professional: “So with the submittals, do you conduct a final review or double check of the data, or are you really just using the (Encamp) system to catch errors when they pop up? Or, is there any other kind of review from your end for accuracy… or who is that really up to?”

Julie: “Well, for data accuracy and validation, the Encamp platform has various modules you can purchase, like our Tier II module. Or if you’re looking for more of a hands-on approach, we can provide that as well. But typically, we use our software to get ahead of any errors that are occurring in your data. And remember, the Encamp solution lets you assign reviewers from your own team to double check data, state forms, etc. for your final EPCRA Tier II reports. We’ve actually built in several checkpoints to help you make sure your data is accurate prior to submission. It’s your call as to what level of service you want Encamp to provide.”

EHS professional: “So, when Encamp pays a (submission) fee, I know some states say you have to pay by credit card. Other states give you options to send in a check or pay online. But sometimes the user fees just to pay online are 75 dollars. Would Encamp avoid that (user) fee and send a check?”

Julie: “If you do have the option, we go with the lowest cost option.”

EHS professional: “I do have a question about EPCRA Tier II forms getting submitted to the appropriate agencies. Does that include local planning committees and the fire department? Those are the ones that are usually harder to figure out who forms go to.”

Julie: “We take care of every single submission. And like I said, we pull in your information from last year, so we have a record of where you sent things last year. But we do double check everything to make sure. We maintain a database of all LEPC and fire department information and make sure it’s current. We also routinely mass blast every LEPC around the country to verify their information and make any changes in our own internal records to make sure it’s cross referencing our database. That way, you know everything’s going to the right place for EPCRA Tier II compliance.”

EHS professional: “Okay, cool.”

I have to say, I agree. What Encamp does to ease the submission process for EPCRA Tier II reports is pretty cool.

Watch, interact, and learn more…

To see the Encamp platform and its Tier II module at work, schedule a demo. It’s totally interactive. You tell us the Tier II reporting issues you’re up against, and then we show you precisely how our platform can solve them.

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