The Solution

Continuing Our Vision

Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business can equal good for the environment. By making environmental compliance faster, simpler, and more accurate, we align incentives between regulated industry, regulators, and the public.

Going forward, this will continue to make for a healthier and safer environment. It will reduce compliance costs and risk for businesses. Most of all, it will provide regulators the data that’s critical to effectively achieving public policy goals to protect the world in which we live.

“I don’t think anyone should be surprised to see additional climate regulations come into existence and have an impact on compliance. Companies that are already prioritizing improvements to the way they manage their data will have an advantage as others struggle to catch up.”

Dan Smedema – Co-founder & Senior Software Engineer

Some Things to Think About

We hope you see this book as a starting point to transform your environmental compliance operations. When you’re ready to take the next step, our team of compliance specialists and tech experts are here to help you.

Meantime, ask yourself a few questions. We want to help you answer them.

  • Which program area is the most challenging to you right now?
  • Which program area isn’t as challenging, but is taking up lots of your time or preventing you from focusing on your highest leverage program?
  • How do you handle change management for data collection needs?
  • How do you analyze data to make decisions about your environmental compliance program?
  • Can you see all your facility lists in one place, broken down by their program areas or even just a comprehensive list?