Encamp Regulatory Insights

Encamp Compliance Insights helps you understand exactly how regulators see your environmental compliance record, benchmark performance against your peers, and view your compliance program over time in order to demonstrate departmental value.


lost annually due to mistakes, misconduct, and miscalculations attributed to being out of compliance with regulations


YoY increase in EPA inspections


of facilities with penalties across all industries

With Encamp Compliance Insights, you’ll never have to fly blind again.

Track historical and current performance at a corporate and facility level across Waste, Water, Air, and Chemicals in order to gain a holistic understanding of your environmental compliance compliance program. Benchmark your performance against your industry and peers to see exactly how you stack up. Perform environmental compliance audits to quantify your non-compliance risk and target your EHS strategy to focus on the highest leverage areas.


Corporate Environmental Compliance Dashboard

• Access a consolidated dashboard with a holistic view of your environmental compliance programs, facilitating informed decision-making.
• Identify active and inactive regulated facilities categorized by permit type, optimizing resource allocation and regulatory oversight.
• Track historical compliance performance and fines for each program area, enabling continuous improvement, environmental audits, and environmental risk mitigation strategies.
• Proactively audit governmental datasets including RCRAInfo and ECHO to identify inaccuracies before they pose regulatory risks, ensuring data integrity and compliance readiness.

Facility Compliance Insights

• Gain comprehensive insights into every facility within your compliance program, enhancing strategic decision-making.
• Monitor program areas and quarterly compliance performance effortlessly, ensuring timely adherence to regulations.
• Access a clear record of fines imposed on specific facilities, enabling proactive risk mitigation.
• Automate tracking of inspection dates and compliance findings for each facility, streamlining regulatory compliance efforts.

Industry Benchmarking

• Gauge your organization’s performance against industry peers, facilitating strategic alignment and improvement initiatives.
• Harness government data and trends to pinpoint gaps and opportunities for enhancement, ensuring regulatory compliance and proactive risk management.
• Compare the scope of your compliance program with industry standards, optimizing resource allocation and regulatory effectiveness.

Streamlined Due Diligence

• Conduct digital inspections on facilities beyond your compliance program, identifying and mitigating potential risks proactively.
• Perform advance audits on imminent asset acquisitions, offering strategic recommendations to leadership for informed decision-making.
• Analyze historical non-compliance events and associated fees for newly acquired assets, ensuring thorough risk assessment and compliance diligence