Within the Tier II reporting process, the most grueling parts are getting the data right and filling out the proper forms for regulatory agencies. So logically, submitting your Tier II forms should be the easy part, right? Um, not necessarily. In a lot of ways, submissions can be just as exhausting.

Let’s do a little math first. In the U.S., every state has its own system for Tier II submissions. That’s 50 different portals and websites and submission procedures — and trust me, there is nothing standardized about any of them. Add the EPA’s Tier2 Submit software, and the submission process gets crazier.

Now tally the states where you have to send mailings to fire departments and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). Those can be submissions headaches, too.

Then finally, for Tier II filing fees, the payment options in each state can range from online methods and credit cards to hard copy checks. Nothing standard again. Scream!

But here’s where Encamp helps. In making the entire Tier II reporting process easier, we submit the completed forms and pay fees to all appropriate agencies on your behalf.

  • All applicable facilities ‒ For each applicable facility in your organization, Encamp manages the Tier II submissions to every regulatory agency a facility must report to: federal, state and local. All submissions are time and date stamped as proof of submittal.
  • Filing formats for each state ‒ We convert your data into the filing format every state calls for, including any hard copy mailings. You get the most recent version of the Tier II forms in all 50 states because we link you to the actual state websites.
  • Local fire departments and LEPCs ‒ If facilities are in states requiring mailings to fire departments and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), we coordinate all such mailings from our database of fire departments and LEPCs in each state.
  • Fees ‒ We pay all required fees (again on your behalf) for Tier II submissions per state, for filings to fire departments and LEPCs, and so on. We can make payments online, by credit card, and even by hard copy check, and then give you a consolidated bill for all your fees, by line item.
  • Audit log ‒ We also provide you with an audit log as your “peace of mind” document once everything is done. Log entries are time and date stamped as we do submissions to various agencies.

Fair to say, we save you a lot of time and stress on the submission admin side. More importantly, Encamp makes sure your Tier II forms are up to date, accurate, validated, and submitted as scheduled.

Yet there are other things Encamp does for Tier II submissions — details that sometimes go unnoticed — that EHS professionals can also appreciate. Following are examples of what I mean (they’re from some recent demos and the discussions I had with each company’s EHS teams).

EHS professional: “It seems like more and more states are moving away from Tier2 Submit. And even in the states that continue to accept it, you still have to go through their (state) portal and submit that way. So it’s pretty much the same data going into all these portals. It just has to be put into the format they want it.”

Julie (me): “That’s correct. What we’re able to do is scrape the data out of the Tier2 Submit system and any state portals and organize it into the Encamp format. It’s all an automated export process. Then we convert your Tier II data into the format that individual states require. After that, it’s a similar automated process for how we push the submission back out.”

EHS professional: “So with the submittals, do you conduct a final review or double check of the data, or are you really just using the (Encamp) system to catch errors when they pop up? Or, is there any other kind of review from your end for accuracy… or who is that really up to?”

Julie: “Well, for data accuracy and validation, the Encamp platform has various packages you can purchase. Or if you’re looking for more of a hands-on approach, we can provide that as well. But typically, we use software to get ahead of any errors that are occurring in your data. And remember, the Encamp application lets you assign reviewers from your own team to double check data, state forms, etc. We’ve actually built in several checkpoints to help you make sure your data is accurate prior to submission. It’s your call as to what level of service you want Encamp to provide.”

EHS professional: “So, when Encamp pays a (submission) fee, I know some states say you have to pay by credit card. Other states give you options to send in a check or pay online. But sometimes the user fees just to pay online are 75 dollars. Would Encamp avoid that (user) fee and send a check?”

Julie: “If you do have the option, we go with the lowest cost option.”

EHS professional: “I do have a question about forms getting submitted to the appropriate agencies. Does that include local planning committees and the fire department? Those are the ones that are usually harder to figure out who they go to.”

Julie: “We take care of every single submission. And like I said, we pull in your information from last year, so we have a record of where you sent things last year. But we do double check everything to make sure. We maintain a database of all LEPC and fire department information and make sure it’s current. We also routinely mass blast every LEPC around the country to verify their information and make any changes in our own internal records to make sure it’s cross referencing our database. That way, you know everything’s going to the right place.”

EHS professional: “Okay, cool.”

I have to say, I agree. What Encamp does to ease the Tier II submissions process is pretty cool.

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