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Streamline and standardize environmental compliance across your entire operational footprint.

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Comprehensive Facility Management

Encamp’s core platform gives EHS teams the power and flexibility to manage multiple facilities’ environmental permits, compliance, and reporting requirements in a single pane view. With 33,000+ regulatory requirements, robust task management and last mile reporting to agencies built in, your team can easily maintain ongoing inspection and audit readiness. This unique approach transforms the typically siloed and daunting task of environmental compliance and facility management into a transparent, repeatable process that can be audited and optimized to ensure you’re continuously complying with emerging regulations and meeting company goals.


Facility Profile

  • Maintain critical facility data in one place including: permit dates, Local Emergency Planning Committee contacts, EPA IDs and up-to-date Generator Statuses
  • Keep current internal organizational and facility-level contacts, and regulatory contact, easily updating them when necessary
  • Map facility contacts of record to waste (RCRA) and chemical (ECPRA) reporting submissions

Task Management

  • Manage day-to-day environmental compliance operations setting automated reminders to ensure important deadlines are met
  • Sort and filter by specific facilities or the states in which they operate, task start and end dates or assignees
  • Attach records and documentation to tasks, demonstrating completion

Records Retention

  • Store important documentation pursuant to your organization’s records retention policy, ensuring audit readiness
  • Automated repository for files associated with tasks managed within Encamp
  • Filter by state, year, or facility to find what you need


  • Store credentials for your waste vendors, state agency websites, and more
  • Role-based access controls enable different permission levels so users only view and manage what they need
  • For facilities using Encamp Tasks, monitor the number of tasks overdue, due in the next 30 days and annually

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