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Encamp is on a mission to increase compliance efficiencies across top organizations, while creating a positive environmental impact. Through digitalization and in-house expertise, we work with enterprises across the US to transform compliance programs and successfully mitigate risk.

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Built and Supported by Environmental Professionals.

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Technology to transform compliance

The journey towards environmental digital transformation starts with a solid data foundation organized in a way that’s readily available to those who need it. By making data more manageable and unifying reporting workflows across facilities, you improve data accuracy, enhance collaboration for reporting tasks and submissions, and minimize the threat of non-compliance.

At the core of Encamp is technology that powers outcomes. Developed and supported by environmental professionals to pave the way for the future of environmental compliance, the Encamp platform is the premier system for collecting, contextualizing, measuring, validating, and reporting compliance data at scale for companies that manage compliance for several local facilities or enterprises stretched across the US.

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Megan Walters, CHMM

VP of Compliance & Customer Success

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Environmental experts to guide

With ever-changing regulations and EHS departments often stretched for time and resources, staying in compliance can be an organizational challenge. Through thoughtful implementation, our team of in-house environmental experts become an extension of your own compliance team — from onboarding to reporting.

Our Customer Success and Compliance teams consist of environmental scientists, former regulators, and EHS consultants who can help navigate the ever-changing complexities of regulatory compliance reporting. Along with comprehensive training for the Encamp system, our knowledgeable team supports your compliance program with a blend of expertise, responsiveness, and accountability to ensure your success.

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Prepare for what comes next

Foundations for the future

A compliance program’s future state is constantly threatened by acquisitions, regulations that constantly evolve, employee turnover, and operational knowledge that isn’t always shared for succession planning. It often leaves a program with zero foresight, and no standardized or sustainable path to maintain compliance.

By supporting your compliance program, Encamp prepares your organization to proactively meet the future and successfully manage change. Our technology allows you to understand new regulations, add facilities, share data across operations, and spread knowledge to every stakeholder in your company’s compliance realm to make acquisitions, turnover, and other unknowns less problematic.

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Our Guided Environmental Compliance Ebook

Even with modern EHS software solutions, environmental compliance remains harder than it needs to be. To support enterprises and EHS professionals on the cusp of transforming their environmental compliance programs with digital transformation, Encamp utilizes a blended method of high-tech solutions and high-touch expert support. Download our informative ebook, Guided Environmental Compliance, to learn more.

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