Minimize Your Post-Tier II Filing Workload

The March 1st deadline for EPCRA Tier II reporting has passed… but that might not mean that your work is done! Were you able to submit your report by the deadline? Is a report revision required? Was your report submitted to the appropriate authorities? There are a variety of Tier II tasks that may pop up after Tier II season.

Hear from two environmental experts, Eugene Simonds and Jennifer Collins, on how you can minimize your post-Tier II season workload. Learn how you can set yourself up for success next season by starting to track your chemicals now and throughout the year, so minimal time is needed on your next annual report.


Watch on-demand to learn how about:

  • Commonly required post-Tier II season tasks
  • How you can save on labor hours by reducing time spent on compiling data, generating and submitting reports, and making fee payments
  • What you can do now to ensure you’re meeting all EPA and State Regulatory reporting requirements for EPCRA Tier II and reduce risk of environmental violation penalties

Our Speakers:

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Eugene Simonds

Technical Program Manager, Encamp

Eugene was a former Environmental Engineer and Environmental Consultant prior to joining Encamp. He specialized in multimedia environmental compliance for a select range of industries. A licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and certified RCRA/DOT/HAZWOPER, his passion is simplifying the environmental compliance experience for everyone.

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Jennifer Collins

Account Manager, Encamp

Jennifer ensures Encamp’s customers’ needs are met by delivering high-quality solutions for advancement in environmental compliance. Prior to joining Encamp, Jennifer served as the Manager of the Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance program in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) Office of Program Support which houses both the Compliance and Technical Assistance Program and the Pollution Prevention programs. She worked with IDEM for 18 years.