Data Collection for Successful Tier II Reporting

Accurate Tier II reporting starts with clean and accessible data

Tier II reporting is challenging even to the most experienced compliance teams. Rushing to gather data and submit reports before the March 1st deadline can lead to a lack of data validation, which can expose businesses to non-compliance risks such as monetary fines and reputational damage.

In part one of a three-part webinar series on streamlining your Tier II timeline, we will guide you through best practices for standardizing your facility data collection in a way that sets your team up for reporting success.

Hear from our regulatory compliance experts, Jackie Velazquez and Madison Roe-Martin as they share expert insights from the ebbs and flows of past Tier II seasons, as well as:

  • Expert insights on important steps for a successful march to March reporting season
  • Tips and tricks to save time and ensure your data remains consistently accurate
  • Best practices to build an easy-to-follow checklist of compliance tasks you can check off as early as August