Mastering Compliance Reporting for Lead-Acid Batteries

Hear from regulators on how to simplify lead-acid battery Tier II reporting


Although lead-acid batteries continue to rise in popularity due to their reliability and efficiency, calculating thresholds and reporting on these batteries still raise a few questions for EHS teams. Is it a mixture? A component? How does a particular state expect it to be reported?

Listen to our virtual event and hear from regulatory compliance experts on best practices for how to:

  • Safely bring lead-acid batteries on-site
  • Accurately report threshold calculations for Tier II
  • Easily recycle or dispose of used batteries

Our Speakers:

Jennifer Collins, Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance Manager, Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Jennifer serves as Manager of the Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance program in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) Office of Program Support which houses both the Compliance and Technical Assistance Program and the Pollution Prevention programs. She has worked with IDEM for 18 years.

Eugene Simonds, Compliance Program Manager, Encamp

Eugene was a former Environmental Engineer and Environmental Consultant prior to joining Encamp. He specialized in multimedia environmental compliance for a select range of industries. A licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and certified RCRA/DOT/HAZWOPER, his passion is simplifying the environmental compliance experience for everyone.


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