How Ryder Simplifies Tier II Reporting

Tier II Reporting with Encamp


Ryder System, Inc. is a global transportation company that manages critical fleet, transportation, and supply chain functions for more that 50,000 customers. They operate with 239,000 vehicles and over 800 maintenance facilities across North America.

Hear from Encamp’s Director of Accounts, Sam Schroeder, and Ryder System, Inc.’s Environmental Services Director, Margarita Kruyff, to learn how Margarita was able to remove manual processes and automate her Tier II reporting.

Learn how Ryder was previously managing their compliance program, what challenges and goals they were looking to address, and how they found success in partnering with Encamp.

Watch on-demand to learn how you can:

  • Get set up quickly for an expedited reporting season
  • Manage compliance data and requirements in real-time
  • Remove manual processes for submissions and fee payments

Our Speakers:

Margarita Kruyff, Environmental Services Director – Ryder System, Inc.

At Ryder, Ms. Kruyff is responsible for advancing environmental sustainability enterprise-wide, as well as the practices and controls necessary to manage environmental risks and customer needs effectively. Formerly, she served as the City of Miami Beach’s Environment & Sustainability Assistant Director, where she led the city’s environmental and sustainability management programs. Ms. Kruyff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Affairs, French Literature, and International Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami.

Sam Schroeder, Director of Accounts – Encamp

Prior to joining Encamp in 2021, Sam held Environmental & Safety roles at REI Engineering and Green Bay Packaging. She makes an impact by ensuring Encamp delivers high-quality solutions that meets the customer’s needs for advancement in environmental compliance.


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