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The world of EHS and compliance is complex. That’s why we’re showcasing top EHS professionals regularly – across a variety of industries and specialties – to help you learn from the best.


Hear from two EHS leaders, Knauf Insulation’s Technical Specialist – Corporate HSE, Adam Estes, and Encamp’s Director of Customer Success & Fulfillment, Julie Ragains, as they discuss best practices, trends, challenges, and how to up-level your skills as an EHS professional.


Our Speakers:

Adam Estes, Technical Specialist, Corporate HSE, Knauf Insulation

In Adam’s 15 year career in environmental compliance he has served as a regulator, a consultant and now as a Corporate Environmental Specialist for Knauf Insulation. As an environmental professional, he maintains a passion for seeing all sides to the story behind regulations and, above all, building a more sustainable future through environmental regulations.


Julie Ragains, Director of Customer Success & Fulfillment, Encamp

Julie is the Director of Customer Success at Encamp. She was formerly a Project Manager at GHD, an Environmental Sales Account Manager for Nexeo Solutions, LLC, and an Environmental Scientist for Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA).