2023 Batteries Compliance Summit – On-Demand

Transform EHS with Innovation & Technology


Unable to attend our 2023 Batteries Compliance Summit live? Have no fear, all of the sessions are available on demand, so you can still discover how leading businesses are addressing the challenges and opportunities of battery compliance, reporting, and safety.

Fill out the form to the right to access sessions including:

  • Charging Ahead: A Comprehensive Review of Emerging Battery Chemistries and Benefits
    • Learn how new advancements in technology are changing batteries and what benefits we can gain from them.
  • Navigating Compliance: Best Practices for Battery Reporting on HMBPs
    • An industry expert guided attendees through the complexities of HMBP reporting requirements for batteries, offering actionable insights to ensure compliance and minimize risk.
  • Battery Transport Unpacked: Transportation Requirements, Disposal Protocols, and Handling Damaged & Recalled Batteries
    • This session provided an overview of lithium battery shipping requirements with a focus on 49CFR173.185. It included how to ship lithium batteries for disposal and recycling or those that are damaged, defective or recalled.
  • Encamp Product Walkthrough
    • Join us for a on-demand demonstration of Encamp where we showcased how digital technology can help you run your environmental compliance program efficiently and accurately.
  • When Are Batteries Hazardous Waste? Navigating Waste Management and Tier II Reporting for Batteries
    • Industry experts guided generators on when to manage batteries as hazardous waste and explained Tier II reporting strategies for batteries in this session. We covered the new EPA lithium battery guidance, lead-acid battery concerns, and damaged batteries.
  • The Impacts of Improper Battery Disposal
    • The waste and recycling industry has been the “canary in the coal mine” as it was inundated with hazards caused by the improper disposal of products containing lithium-ion batteries starting in 2015. Learn about the scope and consequences of the problem the industry has been facing and the tactics, technology, and solutions the industry has implemented to alleviate the ever-growing problem.
  • Power Down: A Focus on Battery Decommissioning, Disposal, and Recycling
    • We explored current best practices for safe and compliant decommissioning and disposal of batteries, offering a comprehensive look at recycling methods that maximize resource recovery while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Closing Remarks