Let’s get right to the problem of Tier II reporting for multiple facilities.

For many of the businesses Encamp works with, the problem isn’t having more than one facility to report on. It’s having facilities in different states and being required to comply with each state’s own regulations for Tier II reporting. Here’s how the EPA frames it…

“Some states may have specific requirements for reporting and submission of the Tier II inventory form and/or the state reporting form or format. EPA suggests that facilities contact their state for state specific reporting requirements.”

Multiplied by even a few different states, it’s dizzying to have to track data for all the chemical types and thresholds at facilities in each location. And what if a company ships a load of hazardous chemicals to a different location in another state? For Tier II reporting at any facility — let alone several — data changes constantly.

Adding to the data pile are facility details for reporting from the EPA: The latitude and longitude of a facility’s location. The facility’s Dun & Bradstreet number. The maximum number of occupants that might be present at any one time, including employees, contractors, vendors, and people at the facility for training or other events.

I could go on, but I rest my case. The point is, for facilities in various states, the end-to-end Encamp platform lets businesses manage all compliance information and Tier II reporting in one place.

One data source for every facility and all users

From our platform’s single intuitive interface:

  • Access Tier II reporting information for each facility and the state in which it operates
    o    Encamp integrates with the reporting portals in all 50 states
    o    Requirements and validation for all states are “built-in”
    o    Reporting templates contain every custom field required by each state‍
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  • Import data from previous years’ Tier II reports, per facility and its state location
    o    Easily keep chemical inventories up to date
    o    Make hazardous chemical threshold determinations
  • Easily add/update facilities and their information as needed‍
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Unify Tier II reporting for facilities in all 50 states‍

  • Categorize contacts, regulatory info (by state), products, inventories, and more
  • At each facility, assign reporting tasks to specific persons, including reviewers
    o    Know exactly who’s doing what
  • Funnel reporting from all facilities down to our single platform
    o    Encamp then manages the submissions and fees for every facility‍
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Track reporting status by facility‍

  • Know which facilities have started the Tier II reporting process and which ones haven’t
    o    Track reporting progress by task and completion percentage‍
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One of our customers actually says it best about our platform’s Tier II reporting capabilities for facilities across states. Sam George, J.D., CHMM, is VP of Compliance & Waste Management at SESCO Group, and as he puts it:

“I need a centralized location where facility information is spelled out and all in one place. Encamp provides that and is exactly what facilities need to stay accountable.”

I’ll say this again too. Encamp’s environmental compliance management platform was created by EHS professionals for EHS professionals. Our never-ending goal is to make Tier II reporting easier, and putting the data for every facility at your fingertips is a big part of that.

Watch & learn more…

Schedule a demo and interactive walkthrough to see the Encamp platform at work. When you do, it gives an idea of the reporting issues you’re up against. Then we show you precisely how our platform can solve them.