SERCs and LEPCs are changing or updating their Tier II reporting requirements usually on an annual basis. The federal EPCRA program moves at a much slower pace. There have been some updates in the past few years that are worth highlighting.

  • Tier2 Submit 2019 – As mentioned above, this software is developed by the EPA and published each year. Tier2 Submit has gone through major updates for the 2019 reporting year. Some of the updates include:
  • Redesigned the navigation structure by adding a toolbar to edit records in list view.
  • Redesigned the detail page to show all details on a single page, similar to a web form.
  • Added real-time validation that catches validation errors as users type them, and reports the validation status of a record at any moment.
  • Added a map view of latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Added the ability to export and import sets of .csv files.
  • EPA updated the hazards associated with chemicals to synchronize them with the Global Harmonization System for reporting years 2017 and the future.
  • Here’s a link to the crosswalk of the hazards from the old system to the new. This was published by the EPA.
  • This update also required facilities to update their MSDS library to their SDS Library. Safety Data Sheets went through a revamp and are now required to follow the published GHS format. Check out this link for more information: