The Ultimate Tier II Checklist

Your All-Seasons Guide to Tier II Reporting

Tier II reporting is challenging even to the most experienced compliance teams, with managing data seen as the most significant hurdle. We have transformed the compliance programs for fast-growth enterprises across the US with an expert-guided proactive approach designed by our in-house regulatory compliance experts to improve process efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and allow EHS professionals to have increased foresight to make data-driven compliance decisions.

What are the benefits of a proactive compliance program?

  • By staying vigilant and checking Tier II reporting requirements by state early on, EHS teams can stay continuously compliant to exact federal, state, and local requirements. This can be done by verifying criterias such as reporting thresholds and LEPC contacts prior to reporting season, to properly address complex state submission requirements to SERCs and fire departments, as well as reporting portal instructions.
  • Proactively monitoring chemical inventories year-round will help you stay agile to reporting needs by giving you proper visibility on whether new chemicals were added to the past year’s inventory and foresight to determine whether an SDS submission is necessary in addition to the EPCRA Tier II report.
  • Evaluating the needs for reporting fee management prior to reporting season can help EHS teams anticipate the complex and manual tasks that come with processing payments for reports in different jurisdictions.

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