Hexion Case Study

Compliance Management in Full View Across the Organization

The Company

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Inc. is a global leader in thermoset resins. Hexion Inc. serves the global adhesive, coatings, composites and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. With predecessors dating from 1899, Hexion serves more than 3,100 customers in approximately 85 countries. Sustainability is what guides Hexion’s continued commitment to Responsible Chemistry.

Their Need

Hexion wanted to implement an improved and formalized Tier II process which leverages existing data systems along with additional tools for consistent reporting. The goal is to streamline the Tier II reporting process with accurate information and reduced resource hours.

Currently the system in place for capturing, processing and reporting Tier II information is performed relatively manually and independently; therefore, lacking efficiency and consistency. The current process doesn’t allow Hexion a complete view of the reporting process and status across locations and regions.






Active Global Sites



People Hours

Before & After Encamp

Hexion’s Pressing EHS Issues Before Encamp

Issue #1

Various Industrial Locations, Various States

  • 20 US locations arranged in three regions
  • A single Regional Environmental Lead for each region
  • Material Inventory Management
    • Different chemical types and materials at each location for manufacturing purposes
    • Material quantities varied from site to site limiting opportunities for streamlining
    • Materials move within the site in multiple types of containers, creating potential challenges for accurately tracking inventories
Issue #2

Tier II Reporting

  • Dissimilar requirements from state to state
  • Approximately 300 Hexion chemicals to potentially report
  • SAP was the main material source for Tier II data with limited Tier II data capturing capabilities
    • Determining chemical types and quantities was a manual process, often required physical facility walkthroughs
    • Some materials not managed in SAP which required additional mechanisms for tracking data for Tier II reporting

Hexion’s New End-to-End Reporting Solution with Encamp

First, Hexion has been able to successfully streamline and proceduralize the Tier II reporting process across Hexion’s three US regions. This has energized Hexion’s streamlining process for Tier II reporting.

Next, Hexion gets the full view of the Tier II data and reporting status. The new expanded view comes by way of a dashboard that’s comprehensive, up to date, and easy to understand. Hexion has also been able to centralize company-wide Tier II reporting back to their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Encamp worked with Hexion to import their Tier II applicable product catalog to the Encamp platform. Hexion is better utilizing SAP to export Tier II information, streamline and upload into the Encamp platform.

“Our goal was to streamline the Tier II process for the entire company.”

Andrea Perez
Center of Excellence Leader

The Tier II Process

The Encamp platform integrates with state and federal databases for Tier II reporting, which helps Hexion’s staff to improve their efficiency in identifying the requirements in each state in which the company maintains operations.

The platform’s Tier II reporting dashboard and schedule tells Hexion staff what’s coming up for each location, reporting tasks and due dates. It lets them track the status of everything. Staff can even verify certified info for reporting by individual state.

By facility location, Hexion can add details at any time for chemical inventories, location of inventories, discoveries from facility walkthroughs, and so on. The Encamp platform also pulls in any previous Tier II data as needed. All compliance reporting details — new and existing — are constantly in full view.

Life With Encamp, Going Forward

Recap: The Encamp platform lets Hexion manage information for every US facility in one dashboard view. They can also quickly compare, update and submit Tier II information to the appropriate agencies in more than 12 states.

Going forward, the Encamp platform will give Hexion the ongoing ability to:

  • Streamline their reporting efforts
  • Reduce staff hours over manual processes for report submissions
  • Add and update reporting details while archiving all previous Tier II data
  • Expand reporting functionality via Encamp’s continuous platform enhancements

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