EPCRA Master Class

A Regulator’s Lens on Environmental Compliance

Developing a robust EPCRA compliance program is essential for companies that store, use, and release hazardous substances at or above state or federal threshold quantities. 

While developing a robust compliance program may sound simple, there are a number of hurdles that can derail your best laid plans, such as ever-evolving state regulations, employee turnover, and a lack of standardized processes.  So how do you get started and how do you avoid the pitfalls?

Watch Encamp’s Director of Customer Success and Fulfillment, Julie Ragains, and former Indiana regulator now Encamp Compliance Program Associate, Madison Martin, as they discuss how to develop a best-in-class EPCRA compliance program and answer your top questions around Sections 302, 311, and 312 during Tier II reporting season.

    Watch On-Demand

    Watch the session and learn how to:

    Develop and implement Tier II compliance strategies and programs to ensure notifications and reporting are accurate and timely

    Increase data transparency across teams and facilities to streamline and standardize compliance management

    Improve productivity, collaboration, institutional knowledge sharing, and employee empowerment

    Minimize Tier II non-compliance risks proactively through digital transformation

    Meet the Speakers:

    Julie Ragains

    Director, Customer Success & Fulfillment at Encamp

    Julie is a Director of Customer Success at Encamp after starting as an Account Executive in 2019 and later serving as a Solutions Engineer. She has worked in the environmental compliance industry for 10+ years, in roles from environmental scientist and project manager to environmental sales account manager. Julie received her B.S. in Environmental Management from Indiana University Bloomington.

    Madison Roe-Martin

    Compliance Program Associate at Encamp

    Madison is one of Encamp’s most skilled compliance gurus, working closely with customers to help them keep their company’s compliance program running smoothly. Prior to Encamp, she was the Tier II Program Manager and Indiana Emergency Response Commission (IERC) staff member with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, where she successfully directed the State of Indiana’s Tier II Manager Program for EPCRA compliance. Madison maintains strong working partnerships with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and the National Association of SARA Title III Program Officials (NASTTPO), where she served as secretary from 2015-2016.

    Brandon Barlow

    Partnership Success Manager, Encamp

    Brandon is Encamp’s Partnership Success Manager after having previously been the company’s Business Development Manager – Partnerships and Events. In other prior roles at Encamp, he’s also served as a Sales Engineer, Environmental Solutions Engineer, and Account Executive. Overall, Brandon has worked in the environmental and EHS industries since 2009. He is a graduate of Purdue University, where he earned his B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science.

    Simplify Your EPCRA Compliance.

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