Today I want to talk about a company that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites — and not just for the items they make. The company is Diageo, and for the record they’re the spirit company that produces Johnny Walker, Guinness, and Smirnoff.

Now, making scotch, ale and vodka is all well and good. But environmentally, Diageo always keeps sustainability top of mind in most everything they do. The company is known for their industry leading environmental goals and achievements as much as they are for the spirits they sell.

In 2020, in fact, Diageo announced they had achieved most of the sustainability goals they set back in 2008. They cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half across its direct operations, improved water efficiency by 46%, and achieved zero waste to landfill at all production sites and offices.

So kudos to Diageo.

The first 100% plastic free paper-based bottle

Also in 2020, the company announced they had created their first 100% plastic free bottle, made entirely of paper-based products.

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve all used paper straws, and not all of us are fans of paper straws. As you drink more, they tend to break down. I hear you.

But by a “paper bottle,” I’ll reiterate it’s paper based. Diageo’s new bottle, which debuted with Johnny Walker in early 2021, is made entirely from sustainably sourced wood to meet food-safe standards. It’s also fully recyclable in standard waste streams. 

Likewise, this new bottle now allows other brands to rethink their packaging designs and go plastic free. Safe to say, Diageo is pushing sustainability and environmental innovation — which is what we all want.

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Remember, what’s good for business is good for the environment.

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