Raise your hand if you enjoy dealing with 50 different state portals every Tier II season.

We didn’t think so, because not many people in Tier II reporting roles do. Which is why we say welcome to Encamp’s newest version of our Tier II Dashboard.While our platform has always made reporting intuitive and efficient, it now makes the process even faster, simpler, and more accurate. Call this enhanced dashboard Tier II reporting on steroids. And then turn your imagination loose.

Tier II Dashboard Overview

First, for reporting and status tracking, envision logging into one environment that takes the place of all the different systems from all 50 states. That’s benefit #1. Across your organization, every person involved in Tier II reporting accesses the same dashboard and uses the same reporting and tracking tools. Benefit #2.

At the executive level, leaders get a full oversight view of every activity: Reporting percentage until completion, the number of days to deadline, facilities that have already filed, and ones that still need to start the process. Encamp then completes all submissions and pays the fees on your company’s behalf, including for SERCs, LEPCs, and even fire departments. Big benefit.

For every facility in your company, our Tier II platform lets you sync with portals in every state. Then more simplicity takes over.

  • Import data from previous years’ reports automatically, an instant starting point for new reporting.
  • Update amounts — range codes automatically calculate the numbers and account for state-specific codes. Storage locations are figured in, too.
  • Once data is confirmed, add reviewers for double-checks and verification… all the way up to executives.

In a streamlined and consistent manner, you complete every Tier II reporting detail. After that, Encamp completes your submissions to every regulatory agency for you, again on your company’s behalf. It’s your company’s Tier II program at its finest — with countless benefits to eliminate headaches.

We’ve even made sure our Tier II platform puts a built-in knowledge base at your fingertips. It answers questions about everything reporting, Tier II requirements, includes training videos, and offers helpful tips & tricks.

Tier II reporting that’s fast, simple, accurate. At Encamp, our goal has always been to make your life easy for the Tier II season. Our enhanced Tier II Dashboard now makes it that much easier.

Happy reporting!