Standardizing Data Management and Collection

Streamline complex data and processes from your production facilities to maintain consistency and convert information from multiple sources into a single, unified format.


  • Chemicals
  • Fabricated Metal Product 
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Health & Personal Care
    • Chemicals
    • Fabricated Metal Product
    • Transportation Equipment
    • Health & Personal Care

    Key Benefits

    Foster consistency

    Standardize a consistent flow of complex data and convert it into a unified format

    Gain transparency

    A visible chemical inventory for clear and ongoing monitoring.

    Ensure regulatory compliance

    Reporting records and data are digitally stored in one place, for easy access during inspections and audits.

    Our Solution

    Drive consistency with streamlined data collection

    Encamp streamlines the data collection process by automating the flow of complex data sources into a single, unified format. With a more consistent and standardized process, it becomes easier and faster to integrate with existing SDS management systems to help facility-level personnel track chemical inventories, monitor triggers in reporting thresholds, and determine hazard classifications on a site-level. Most importantly, standardizing processes gives you the visibility to analyze data, providing you with the peace of mind that reporting is always accurate and verified.

    Sample facility-by-facility reporting dashboard

    Product reporting dashboard graph

    The Results

    You’re in Good Hands




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    Life after Encamp

    Encamp helps you save time especially in the busy reporting season,by keeping the data you need in one location, making it easily accessible and compliance monitoring continuous.


    I need a centralized location where facility information is spelled out and all in one place. Encamp provides that and is exactly what facilities need to stay accountable.

    Sam George, VP of Compliance & Waste Management SESCO Group

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