Tier II deadlines aren’t on the radar just yet, but they’re coming. And trust us, we empathize. Many of the people at Encamp come from EHS consulting backgrounds, so we’ve done hundreds of reports ourselves — mostly using spreadsheets like everyone else.

That’s why our mission is to simplify Tier II and EPCRA reporting and make your life easier. Watch one of the live webinars for our compliance platform and you’ll see what we mean. But our mission is also to never stop improving on what we’ve done thus far.

So… here’s a sneak peek of some of the platform improvements we’re rolling out for Tier II season.

Today’s topic: Spreadsheets, and Excel in particular. See if this sounds familiar.

  • Your pain point: Using spreadsheets and other manual processes across different platforms is time consuming and confusing. Worse is copying and pasting the same information into 50 different state portals. That also takes a lot of time. It’s all mind numbing!  
  • Your dream solution: A single platform, to manage reporting end-to-end, that replaces the tedious labors of using spreadsheets and searching government portals.

Let’s look at how importing and exporting Excel files on our platform makes for an easier reporting process.

Start with a unified way to manage all Tier II reports

  • Balance your entire profile
    o    At each facility, know exactly who’s doing what
    o    Assign reporting tasks to specific persons, including reviewers
  • If updates, our platform’s intuitive Tier II Dashboard steps you through the process
    o    Update your product catalog
    o    Add products

Make Excel your friend

  • Import Excel files into the Encamp platform in seconds
    o    Format spreadsheets using built-in Excel templates
  • Validate all spreadsheet information — no info that “doesn’t make sense”
  • Include top-line products consisting of different ingredients
    o    Ingredients are in a pull-down pick list
  • Make updates easily, and then directly upload the updated details to Encamp
  • For organizations with several locations, export and circulate Excel data just as easily

Track your reporting status

  • Everything is categorized
    o    Basic info, regulatory info, products, contacts at each facility, more
  • Note the reports status list in the sidebar… you always know what’s done, and what isn’t

That’s it for now. You can also take a quick guided video tour of Encamp’s enhanced Tier II Dashboard. (I’m your tour guide.)

As we say, our compliance management platform was created by EHS professionals for EHS professionals. You know, to make your Tier II life easier.